Social and psychological methods of personnel management

methods of personnel management - a method of influence on the team as a whole and individual employees to coordinate and plan their activities in the production process.There are three main groups of methods: administrative, economic and socio-psychological methods of management.

first group of methods based on the use of power and the establishment of rigid discipline.Economic methods based on the use of economic laws.Social and psychological methods of personnel management based on accurate and clear motivation.In simple terms this method of "carrot", "carrot" and "conviction".

administrative methods. Do not think that the administrative method - the bad and irrational.On the contrary, it is based on a clear understanding of the members of its goal, the establishment of labor discipline, the culture of work, sense of duty and responsibility.Any disposal of senior management must be performed strictly in accordance with the regulations.Personal initiative is not welcome.Organizational impacts in

clude organizational and methodological instruction, organizational regulation and regulation.Standards are present in any kind of organization.The incoming information is strictly rationed.

Economic methods. basis of economic methods - a feasibility plan.This plan defines the program of the organization.Management approves specific plans, which are then brought to the line managers of the structural units.Each unit has its own current plan and your plan-target.Economic management methods are very popular in today's world, dominated by a market economy.The complex interplay of gains, losses, prices and demand create the preconditions for creating an efficient and flexible system of management of the organization.The main objective of economic methods - is the mobilization of personnel of the enterprise to achieve the planned results.

psychosocial management techniques are based on a system of personal characteristics of the personnel, relations in the collective social needs, etc.Social and psychological methods of management of the organization are very specific: their base rests on the laws of sociology and psychology, the interests of the individual, team, group.There are two groups of methods: socio-psychological management techniques aimed at a group of people and socio-psychological management techniques aimed at the identity of the staff member.

This classification is very conditional, as in the collective person is not isolated, it necessarily applies to any group, carrying out joint labor with other employees of the company or firm.Sociological methods allow to identify the key figure in the team, to ensure the prevention and resolution of conflicts in the team, etc.These methods are the primary tools for working with the team, because thanks to them you can get the best information for selection, placement, evaluation, training.

For example, the survey as the most massive survey personnel, reveals a huge reservoir of information.To conduct the interview will require additional training and highly skilled interviewer, but as a result of the necessary information will be available again.For the analysis of the psychological atmosphere in the team is best to use sociometric method.This method is based on constructing a matrix of personal contacts Mezhuyev people and to identify leaders.The method of observation to determine the hidden qualities of employees, which are shown only in the case of force majeure.The interview is indispensable in employment, talks and educational activities.