As fasten PVC panels depending on their type

appearance of plastic would greatly facilitate and simplify not only the construction and finishing processes, but also of our lives with you.Plastic is durable, resistant to adverse environmental influences, simple and easy to install, lightweight, plastic and humidity resistant, so it is so often used in the renovation and change of the interior.In this article you will learn how to strengthen the PVC panels, depending on their type.

Materials PVC

most significant in the construction from polymers - PVC for short - is widely used as an insulating material.Mostly it is used in the manufacture of electrical products.In addition, it has become one of the most popular materials for decoration - it's ceilings, decorative panels for walls and ceiling wallpaper with PVC film and other products.

colorless and transparent - it is the characteristics of PVC.To give special material properties and colors include a variety of additives and colorants to produce a large palette of colors.

Plastic PVC panels

In accordance with the properties of the polymer products and production technology, plastic panels differ in color and some other parameters.

to repair PVC panels can be different ways.Before you begin this work should be familiar with the main types of plastic panels, they are:

1. Painted - a plate of colored PVC.The production technology is that the manufacturing process is added to the dye material.By the uniform color finished products colored mass to the entire depth of the material, the color does not change even after a long time.

2. Laminated panels - materials in which the front side is covered with a decorative film, which is a kind of protection from different influences.

3. Panels with thermal printing.Figure them is applied with a special paint under high temperature.

4. With flexography or offset printing.This decoration is produced on a printing press.Instantly drying paint is applied to the material by rolling a special form.

What panel select

If you started repairs, but do not know how to mount panels of PVC, and most importantly, how to choose them, then you need to prepare for this process.It is necessary to choose the right tools, to determine the main purpose of repairs.It depends on the selection of materials and equipment.

Depending on the application, plastic plates are divided into wall and ceiling.The difference between them is that the wall panels are thicker and therefore heavier than the ceiling finishing materials.But there is a caveat, the thinner the material, the more brittle.This should be considered before you attach the PVC ceiling panels. In principle, the specific bans and structural differences in where to mount finishing materials, no.That is, the ceiling panels can be mounted on the wall and vice versa.

for interior decoration, you can use any type of panels, but for outdoor use, it is desirable to take tselnookrashenny polyvinyl chloride, since this material is more resistant to UV radiation, temperature fluctuations and humidity.The only thing that does not accept this polymer - a mechanical damage.It is understandable, because any plastic - the material is fragile.

But with proper maintenance colored panels will last for a long time and not only in homes and apartments, but also on balconies, warehouses, unheated rooms or manufacturing plants.

How to fix PVC panels

Surface finishes PVC sheets - this is not a difficult job for a man's hands, which more or less familiar with carpentry skills, rules of using a hacksaw and hammer.

Before you mount the panel of PVC, it is desirable to have available the necessary number of strips for the construction of a wooden frame, in other words, the crates.For external works board should be thicker and thinner internally, respectively 30h10 and 30x20 mm.For mounting plates of PVC, in addition to wooden slats, used metal profiles.In addition, the plastic board can be mounted directly on the wall by means of adhesives.In this case, at the end of the installation will be necessary finishing strips for panel joints at the corners, as well as openings for doors and windows.

If you need insulation in the room, between the board and PVC wall surface laid an additional layer of foam or wood fiber.

methods of fastening PVC panels on the wall or ceiling

Before facing the immediate surface of the sheet of polyvinyl chloride, it is necessary to understand how to make the connection.When fastening PVC panels to a wooden skeleton nails should be kept in mind that the re-use of the material will not be as when dismantling the integrity of the surface will be damaged.

The best way to mount - with the help of capping.These are small steel strips.No less popular method of attachment - the connection braces by means of staples and self-tapping screws.

Tools required for installation of plastic panels

Plastic boards are an excellent material for decoration with high humidity, such as a bathroom or sauna.Gamma enables you to create a variety of shades unique and comfortable interior.When purchased panel PVC sheet is fastened which we consider below, you need to decide on the necessary tools for their installation.You will need:

1. Electric drill or punch to create holes in concrete or brick walls.

2. Hacksaw for wood and metal cutting shears or material.

3. screwdriver or screwdriver for mounting rails.

4. Roulette, building water or laser level for the initial marking and follow-up.

5. pencil or marker.

6. Hammer.

7. Stapler.

8. ladder.

9. Plumb, square.

Wall plastic panels using adhesives

Mounting plates PVC glue "Titan" or liquid nails - the process is fairly simple.For those who do not know how to fix plastic panel with glue, it will be opened, which makes it simple and easy.The only thing that must be remembered in this case that the wall on which the panel will be attached must be flat and dry, the same applies to the ceiling.Attaching plastic plates must be accomplished by the adhesive on degreased, primed and smooth surface.Facing the ceiling in this way is only possible provided that it does not provide for lamps or any communication.

installation PVC panels with wooden crates or metal profiles

walls of brick or wood often not as smooth as concrete, so the installation of the plastic material is not without the creation and use of a special frame as to strengthen PVC panels can only beit.The base structure can be both metal and wood.Sometimes, there are combo options.

Lathing is a structure which is secured to the wall using conventional screws or nails, it depends on the material surface.The wooden frame is made of bars and rods.First, having different thicknesses are aligned entire lathing and rails are guide elements for further securing the plastic plates.It is much easier and more convenient to use for the creation of the structural metal sections for subsequent fixing and direction of PVC panels.As a result, the whole crate is a metal.And if such a construction the guide rails are made of wood, the crate may be called combined.The process of creating the carcass must be performed precisely and accurately.With the construction level should ensure the correct geometry of angles and lines.The quality of performance markings and installation frame depends on the correctness of the future surface.

installation PVC panels

Mounting panels can produce both vertical and horizontal way.It is important to approach this issue, as well to strengthen the panel PVC - is paramount, because of the quality of its performance will depend on the future interior of the home and its overall appearance.

If you plan to mount a vertical plastic plate, the crate should be horizontal and vice versa.Starting PVC cladding panels must be from the corner of the room, moving slowly to the left or right.PVC sheet is attached to the frame with a broad clamping plate with small nails or metal staples with a corrosion-resistant coating.Sometimes the attachment is replaced by small screws.

Before you attach the wall panels of PVC, they are cut to length .For these purposes, you can use a hacksaw with fine teeth.If necessary, cutting the sheet along the PVC begin with thickened side panel.

Installation principle is very simple.Each successive panel tightly inserted into the groove of the plastic sheet of the previous, with its wide fastening strap secured to the frame reechnyh same manner as the first panel and a bracket.It is important to know how to fix the last panel of PVC, the final number.It must be inserted between the final and the previous plastic plates with little effort.If necessary, reducing the width of the panel the desired amount is cut off with a knife along the entire length of the sheet of PVC.

correctness and accuracy of work performed on the panel trim wall or ceiling not only ensures a smooth surface, but also the appeal of the internal and external decoration of buildings and premises.Therefore, before you start a repair, carefully consider the entire installation process, learn how to fix plastic PVC panels that subsequently do not suffer from unpleasant surprises during finishing.