How to make a good cognac of moonshine at home

would like to share with you the secrets and tell them how to cook from brandy brew at home.The quality of the drink should not cause you have no doubt he can be a worthy competitor to the brand of cognac.You will surely get only pleasure from its use.Today, Cognac generally falls into the category of elite alcohol.Classic brandy made by distilling dry white wines, and then the long aging in oak barrels or containers with oak chips.Of course, brandy production at home, as well as its quality is not inferior to the classic version.It is not a luxury, but it is a decent drink that you will eventually get.

method of manufacture

To prepare cognac of moonshine at home, you need a good crop of grapes.Then there is an opportunity to experiment with grape wine.Basically, the best grapes are the needs of the family, and the rest of us try to make a good homemade brandy.Let's start:

- grape varieties such as Stepnyak, Lydia, Golubok, Isabella should pluck only with the full maturation;

- spill the juice with tassels and merge into a saucepan;

- add sugar (2 kg per 1 bucket of grape juice);

- cover with a clean cloth and put on zabrazhivanie (duration 5-7 days);

- several times daily mix the wort;

- 7 days wine yeast is well developed (due to the smell of wine, wine midges start flying, pulp should be separate and float to the top), carefully poured the juice in the prepared container, pulp screw press extruding;

- resulting in a must again add sugar (2 kg bucket);

- pour the juice in glass bottles (capacity, you can choose any other, preferably glass), filled to not more than 70% of the total.This is done in order to raise the foam did not climb through the neck of the bottle in the process of fermentation;

- put on an additional fermentation under the water trap.The temperature in this case must be 22%.Brandy production at home, that is, the fermentation process will last three weeks.You will notice that the gate will stop in the water bubbles are released, and the yeast has already precipitated, then rest assured - the fermentation is completed successfully.Then merge wine.Cooking starts moonshine at home, because you will need to carry out the distillation of wine on moonshine.Once the first distillation was complete, it is diluted, the product obtained by ordinary water, which volume is the same as that obtained grape brew.
Then, the second and third distillation of the same rules.After the third distillation, you get purified ethyl alcohol, which is a fortress of 70-80%.Next you need to give alcohol to insist on oak (best suited oak barrel) to the cognac of moonshine at home has become a real cognac.Thus, the preparation of liquor, of course, time-consuming process.Undoubtedly, those who can make a good cognac of moonshine at home, worthy of all praise.