Automatic regulation of the submersible pump

Currently, more and more people are digging in their suburban areas well.In this case, it certainly is the application of a submersible pump, which pumps water from the very depths of the earth.This unit has a fairly complex structure.To submersible pump to work properly, it is necessary to provide additional systems management and control.In this case there is a problem, and where it is possible to put all these regulating and control unit.

pump control cabinet is the best solution to this problem.All the distribution structure is placed in it.Such systems monitor and control allow you to change the engine speed according to the operation modes to control its temperature elements connected emergency stop and so on.The cabinet can be placed a lot of variety of useful electronic components.Thus, we can say that the main purpose of the pump control cabinet is to improve its work by means of automation.Now, the person is not necessary to constantly monitor the condition of the pump and the fluid in the b

orehole.All processes are fully automated.With such a unit can ensure a smooth start of the engine, control the operation of the frequency converter and so on.Due to the multifunctionality of the cabinet can maintain control of parameters such as the system pressure, temperature and water level.Often, these data are very important for the owner of the well, and for professionals, conducting geological surveys of the area.

Thanks pump control cabinet can completely control its operation, and accordingly, and prolong its service life.This is a very important factor that causes more people to use the automatic control cabinets.Today, a submersible pump is quite expensive, so it is worth the most to extend his life.During operation it is affected by a great number of various unfavorable factors, which may simply cease operation of the system.With pump control cabinet can not happen.Here you can set the pump to the smallest detail.It will be an intelligent unit which is programmed to comply strictly with all requirements of the system.

Virtually all modern control cabinets pumps have two modes of operation.The first mode - automatic, which provides for operation of the unit in accordance with the specified parameters.There is almost no human impact on the operation of the pump as a whole, so the errors associated with the human factor almost completely excluded.In manual mode, you can start to make the pump, as well as manage it directly from the operator panel, which is also located on the board.However, in most cases, when it comes to the wells, the manual mode is not used.All work occurs in the machine, it saves time and manpower.