What Aristotle said about the soul?

As a student of Plato, Aristotle spent twenty years in his academy.But the habit of independent thought has led to the fact that in the end the philosopher began to come to their own conclusions.They are markedly different from the theories of the teacher, but the truth was more personal attachments that gave rise to the famous saying.In fact, creating the foundations of modern European science and logical thinking, the philosopher excelled in the field of psychology.What Aristotle wrote about the soul, are still studying is now in high school.

First of all, a thinker believes that this element of the human mind has a dual nature.On the one hand it is material, and on the other - is divine.Wrote a special treatise "On the soul" Aristotle pays attention to this issue and in his other works.Therefore we can say that the problem is one of the central problems in his philosophical system.It is known that he shared all things in two.First - this is physics, that is, the material world.The second - the real

m of the gods.He called it the metaphysics.But when we try to understand what Aristotle thought about the soul, we see that from his point of view, these two worlds have an impact on the psyche.

books devoted to the subject, the philosopher divided into three parts.In the first, he analyzed what is thought about the soul of its predecessors.But in the second part he deals with the problem in detail, on the basis of their logical and systematic approach.Here he comes to the conclusion that the soul - it is the practical realization of the possibility of a natural body to live ("entelechy").Therefore, it is enjoyed by all beings - and the plants, animals and people.Also - Aristotle mused about the soul - as the essence of any thing is its form, the ability to live can be described the same way.

But between different types of "entelechy of the body," there is a difference.Plant and animal soul can not exist without matter either, nor is it.Mind is everywhere, where it is possible to ascertain the presence of life.The vegetative soul excels Power.Therefore, the plant can develop.The animal soul has this ability and the ability to feel and touch.This sensuality inherent in a higher level of development.But there is a third kind of life form as Aristotle said about the soul.It is inherent only sentient beings.They should be able to reason and think.

fact philosopher believed that a person has three souls.It has both vegetative and vegetative forms.Unlike Plato, Aristotle argues that the existence of these souls in man connected with matter, and their state depends on the body.However, these forms have their own hierarchy.Above all of them dominated by the rational soul.She, too, is "entelechy", but not the body, as it belongs to eternity.Philosopher suggests that such a soul does not die, because there is in fact a kind of "higher forms" that can exist apart from matter, and generally does not come into contact with it.And it is - God.Therefore the rational soul belongs to metaphysics.Ability to reflection can and must exist separately from the body.This conclusion makes Aristotle the soul.Summary of the eponymous treatise you have read in this article.