How to spend unforgettable summer: Ideas

Summer generous to adventure days every vacationer wants to spend the most productive, fun, and in a big way.For a holiday or a weekend passed on the most favorable scenario, you need to prepare for them in advance.The first thing you need to know every vacationer - is how to spend an unforgettable summer, without destroying their material well-being.Otherwise the holidays bring a lot of negative.

spend your entire holiday fun and in constant motion - the true art, backed by the ability to organize not only their lives, but also of others.How unforgettably spend the summer?Of course, you need every day to work on their own emotional mood, because he took a good mood hostage for the entire vacation, you can easily squeeze out any travel required maximum.

How to make the most vivid and unforgettable summer?Having started the mission "summer break" is sketch a rough plan, which clearly define all their desires and to equate them to their own possibilities.If you travel overseas, Safari dynamic and b

eloved island do not fit into the budget allocated for the holidays, you can organize a memorable stay and loved the colorful edges.

unforgettable summer

lovers rich and colorful leisure can easily unite a small team, and go camping.Do not underestimate the hike or bike trips, because during such a holiday can learn a lot of new and interesting things not just about location, but also about their friends and comrades.Everyone, even the small town has a lot unsaid and unknown, and the enrichment of memories and emotions - a must all leave (output).

Camping & music fest

Hiking - Elegant opportunity to organize music fest with friends in an open area (most importantly, think about the energy side - for columns and other similar devices require a constant power supply).An interesting solution would be a celebration of Midsummer near the river under the Slavic songs in modern processing.Each of the participants is obliged to prepare a thematic attire to evening filled with special mood.And that moment has not completely disappeared, you can invite a professional photographer and creative thinking to participate in the party with the company.

Swim on boats

How unforgettably spend the summer?No less beneficial solution could be swimming in the boat with friends.Hire a water transport at the present time in the cellar, the main problem will be to collect the relevant companies.The boat, even the marker always remains closed space, and gathering a team to rest, should take into account the interests and preferences, or time spent together will remain in the memory of a terrible embarrassment.To swim is not turned into a monotonous party, you must take care of the cultural program.

entertaining game

inimitable impressions give the game "Twister."Due to the movement of the waves and the boat favorably transformed familiar feeling, and such fun to get a share of novelty.To complicate the game rules can rate each can be put (money or coupons) for one of the players.As a result of the losers will be obliged to comply with the wishes of the winners.

Bungee jumping

Greedy approach to adrenaline bungee jumping, which is now rapidly gaining popularity.Recently, fans of extreme adventures organize entire fan meeting where share their own experiences, tips for beginners and arrange evening meetings or the whole weekend together.To jump remembered only tide colossal doses of ecstasy are kindly requested to check all the documents and permission from the organizers of the meeting.Photographer and support group - is also a must for the jumps.

Villas Joseph Stalin

How unforgettably spend the summer?Fans of the Soviet era could not even think.Fairy Abkhazia decided everything for them.A great place to visit during the holidays will be any of the five cottages Joseph Stalin.Famous considered a cottage on Cold River, its walls did not give in cosmetics or major overhaul, although the building was erected in the distant and mysterious 30-ies of the last century.Elegant and at the same time concise structure optional Stalin was located on solid rock and Razlog, so it was not visible from the sea and adjacent land.

entire territory cottages engineers pitched in the middle of illustrious boron (Pitsunda pine - its main asset).The building itself is a three-story, but tourists are only open ground and first;Located on the top of the leader private cinema and a large billiard room.Inside each room is decorated in wood, rooms have their own destiny, and therefore chose the special tree.

How to spend unforgettable summer teenager: a list of interesting ideas

If a family has children, we should also think about how to spend their vacation time.If a child shows remarkable independence and quickness, you can safely afford to dispose of himself in the summer, but regularly interested in his success in the field of recreation.If he asks for advice, you can invite your friends to do together with the active sport.Summer days are deprived of their compulsory early rise and the same early lights out - the perfect time for a new comprehension.The scooter, roller skates, riding and swimming will give a teenager a lot of impressions and a well ottochat his sociability and tolerance.

trip with an artistic slant

If a child is interested in art, crafts and design, you can organize a trip esthete in one of the camps with an artistic bent.The program is full of such camps, excursions, creative evenings and master classes.Pastime among positive minded and like-minded savvy opponent will give the child the necessary foundation and will allow to determine its future.

Now we know how interesting and memorable to spend the summer.Thinking on a similar question, is come to seek solutions with creativity and enthusiasm.It is not necessary to go in the wake of fashion trends, the memories will never become warmer and brighter on the understanding that the event was organized because "at the time it was adopted."

Conclusion Now that you know how to spend the summer unforgettable.List of interesting options we provide to you.

The more rich and diverse program will be and the more valuable will be carried out on vacation time.Optional aspire to see the sweet forever bustling Paris or New York, you can perfectly relax in a noble or visit Peterhof Essentuki, see wonderful Karpaty in Ukraine, Minsk, or go all the mysterious Prague.The main objective of the summer holiday - not to be bland and colorless, devoid of emotion and pleasure.