Employment of minors: the rules and restrictions

During vacation teens often find a variety of part-time work, which are then combined with the study plan.When that work for students in Moscow - is a common phenomenon, the reception staff in the school - a rather delicate process, which has its own peculiarities and pitfalls.We draw a small educational program on this complex subject.

Governing Law

Employment of minors is governed by chapter 42 of the LC RF and other related articles.According to them, you can recruit individuals who have reached the age of sixteen.In special cases, to perform light work not harmful to health, it is permissible to enter into a contract with the fifteen-provided that the candidate has already graduated or still different from his present form.Concerning the fourteen law states that work for teens can be in the case of the consent of one parent (or guardian) in his spare time from school.With regard to participation in film productions, theater and concert activity, there are no age restrictions, but there are a

large number of specific rules for the organization of the process, which require strict compliance.

working conditions and limitations

Employment of minors involves the issuance of insurance certificates and employment record, which is governed by Article 66 of the Labour Code.This contract can be issued and how urgent a certain period (eg the summer holidays), and as the standard indefinite.Before reaching the age of 18 such employees should be required to undergo an annual medical examination at the expense of the employer company.Here are the basic essential rules:

  • forbidden attraction to work in shifts;
  • teenager can not be dismissed solely on the initiative of the employer without the consent of the commission on juvenile affairs and labor inspection;
  • exclude the possibility of design in combination;
  • impossible to prescribe in the contract of full liability.

In addition, legislation has defined the areas in which the employment of minors is unacceptable.These include the production of harmful and dangerous to life and health conditions - such as underground work;as well as the chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery, gambling, night clubs, activities associated with tobacco and alcohol.The full list is quite extensive, and recommend it to carefully examine.A separate item stipulated working hours.It is, of course, reduced.Teenagers up to 16 years of performance they can work up to 24 hours a week, but if they have reached this age, already 35 hours.When combined with education standards are reduced by half.Thus one shift does not exceed 5 hours and 15-16 7 16-18 hours.Thus, employment of minors requires increased care and a preliminary study of the legal framework on this issue.Remember that it is - a big responsibility for you.