Marketing information system

To the manufacturer of goods or services was able to be productive, it needs, among other things, business channels.That is, not only to produce the goods, it is necessary to do that, what it wants to see the consumer and for which he is willing to pay money.The system is designed to determine the marketing information needs and preferences of consumers consider their demands and wishes to the quality, price, appearance, and so on.

marketing information system is:

  1. internal reporting.An analysis of the internal activities of the company (product inventories, the movement of goods, advertising costs and so on), you can draw conclusions about the profitability of a product or service, the dynamics of sales, distribution channels, and the like.
  2. Monitoring the external environment.This analysis of the change in the situation in the country, incomes of the population, the actions of competitors, changes in technology and other production.All of this gives you the opportunity to make timely adjustments i
    n the company's activities.
  3. marketing information system - a one-off measures and analysis.For example, as reflected in an increase / decrease in the price of a product or a product line extension.

These measures, taken comprehensively cover the events taking place within the company and, of course, in the external environment.This allows us to analyze and identify the weaknesses of the enterprise, as well as to identify the threats that can harm production.

marketing information system provides an important opportunity to take into account the needs and requirements of potential buyers to expand our market and its territory, the transition to non-price competition.Marketing researchers solve the following typical tasks:

- study the characteristics of the market;

- determine its potential;

- analyze the distribution of market share among the different companies;

- studying business activity;

- analyze the products of competitors, their strengths and weaknesses.

The task of marketing research is also included short-term forecasting, as well as a detailed study of pricing policies and consumer reaction to the new product market opportunities with respect to this product and competitive potential of the company.It is necessary to find out who is the end user of the investigational product and find channels to it.

Market research should answer the question: who will buy this product or service, in what quantities and at what price.Company activity is the study of this issue, doing a job for the customer following:

- find out the preferences of customers, conduct surveys and interviews;

- the level of demand for consumer segments and regions;

- determining the most profitable markets;

- analysis of prices: wholesale, retail, contract;

- recommendations to increase sales;

- Analysis of competitive products;

- exploring the range available on the market similar products, pricing policies;

- systematize all the data and provide recommendations based on the results of these studies.

detailed analysis of the market situation makes it possible to study the situation on both sides - general and specific commodity, its market position.A main goal of this activity is to determine the market prospects in the near future to see how we can satisfy the ever-changing needs of customers and a more rational use of the enterprise.

Market research enables us to understand the market situation, the level of market activity, supply and demand, prices and the anticipated potential sales.All this allows the production of the best time to take the right measures to promote products and to combat competition in the market of goods and services.