How to do a little sight in CIL

Many gamers can not normally play in different parts of the popular team shooter COP due to the fact that they do not like the sight.To some it seems too big, someone - too thick, because of which it is impossible to properly survey the neighborhood.That is why most people would like to do less sight, but very few people know exactly how this is done.The fact is that recently gained huge popularity of the last series called CS GO, and the precursor (KCC) has been virtually forgotten.However, there remain loyal fans who are not moving to the new version and enjoy playing in the old one.Therefore, it is important to describe in detail how you can get a little sight in the CMP, and not only in CS GO.

old version

First you need to consider how you can get a little sight in the original version of the CMP, as it was later released an update that modified many console commands.So, if you continue to play the old version, you will need to enter the command cl_crosshairscale, which is responsible for the

size of your sight.By entering different values ​​after this command, you can change the size.Naturally, the lower the value, the less scope, and vice versa.Small in this case considered to be such a value that does not exceed two thousand.That's it, now you know how to get a little sight in the CMP - it's not as difficult as it might seem at first.But the problem is that this method is in most cases does not work, since it is outdated.If you upgraded your game, you will need to try another way.


It's no secret that the default scope in the game consists of four bars, which do not intersect each other and form a vertical cross without the middle.Accordingly, before you are two important tasks.To get a little sight in KCC, you will need to reduce the size of the features, as well as to make them as thin.But first things first.First, you have to use the command cl_crosshairsize, after which you need to enter the minimum possible value, ie 1. This will make the dash sight as short as possible - it's exactly what you wanted.However, you should realize that you do not yet know how to do a little sight KCC.Ahead of you is still waiting for the change in thickness.

thickness variation

you have already worked on the length of dashes of your sight, but their thickness is still the same.To change this, you will need to register another team - cl_crosshairthickness.As in the previous case, you will need to specify the value that you will be satisfied.Naturally, you can select any number, but considering the fact that your goal is little scope for the KCC, you'd better set the value 1. Thus, using two commands, you can make your sight very small, thus simplifying the task itself andincreasing visibility.As you can see, the KCC is not so difficult as the CC GO, because the latest version of the game you have to change more parameters, such as static and dynamic presence and absence of a point in the center and so on.