How to create a Yandex purse a couple of minutes?

importance of the Internet in modern life is difficult to overestimate.Today it is not just a convenient way to get the information, it also helps to earn and spend money buying the real thing in the virtual currency.Its electronic wallet has many users worldwide network, as set up under the force of even Yandeks.Koshelek student.But first, we understand, who and why it might be useful.

main advantages

Before Yandeks.Koshelek create a need to evaluate its potential.Here is just a sample list:

- It is easier to purchase products in many online stores, you do not risk the safety of their funds in bank card and always know your balance.

- You can earn money by working remotely freelancer.Salary will be delivered to your account as soon as the customer will pay for your services.

- from any computer with Internet access, you can add funds to your mobile, order a pizza to the office or a bouquet of flowers for his beloved.At the same time you will not need to rustle bills, and you can not forget th

e money at home.

was decided - for the cause!

So here's a simple algorithm, how to open the electronic purse system Yandex:

- you need to open any browser, type in the address bar familiar to us and press Enter.

- Line, which lists all the services of the system, such as "Search," "Maps" and so on, select the "Money."If no such word, this function is hidden in the "More".

- all in front of you big orange button "Open the wallet."Naturally, you need to press it without delay.

- Coming up with a login, please note that this name you will be able to enjoy all the services of Yandex: build sites, mailbox and even a blog.

real money - in virtual

When everything is ready, you'll get the desktop of your ability.You can spend money paying a receipt, buying goods, you can transfer money to other accounts.You can also easily get into how to fill up the electronic purse.To do this, there are many ways:

- bank card (VISA and absolutely any MasterCard, fit and a bank account in any country);

- cash through terminals, banks, a system of transfers or sales offices;

- other e-currencies, for example, through a system WebMoney.

service in online format will help you find the nearest point of recharge.To go to the list of all these forms, you need to select "Add" under your current balance.

plenty of opportunities

As you know, once you create once Yandeks.Koshelek, and life will be easier at times.Through the computer you will be able to pay taxes, fines, utility services.You will forget about traffic jams and queues in the banks, you will even be able, without leaving the house, buy groceries, and deliver you to the door.By the way, today we can not only work through the Internet, but also to learn.The whole list of features you'll see by selecting "All goods and services" under the search box.And buying products on Yandex, you will receive bonuses from the network partners, of which today are many.What if this article is not to convince you that you need to create Yandeks.Koshelek immediately, only time will prove it to you.If you are still in doubt, you can add that this procedure is completely free, and money will not require from you at any stage.