Where to get the money for urgent needs?

Quite often people are faced with the need for a certain amount of money for the urgent needs of urgency.Even if a person has always lived within our means, inevitably have to ask the question, "We urgently need money, where to get?".For example, someone detained salary, and for the rented apartment or a loan to be paid immediately.Or sick child, loved one, the car broke down, and without it is impossible to get to work every day to deliver the family to the school, a kindergarten and a job.

options on how and where to get the money a few.The most common and familiar of them - ask family and friends.If they are always free money and are always happy to help you - well, because, firstly, such aid can be considered beprotsentnym loan, and secondly, you are in luck with the nearest environment and support.

second option - use the services of authors of advertisements such as "Quick loans without certificates," "Money is everything," "Credit for five minutes" and so on.It's simple - come with a passp

ort, arrange the loan, immediately leave with the money.Especially fast micro loans in the amount of the loan (from 20 to 100 thousand rubles) and a high rate (700% per annum or 1.3% per day).But these loans are issued for a month or two, because no sane as the borrower does not agree to pay.The system of fines and penalties for late payment of the loan is quite tough, so that the customer can go bankrupt.

following answer to the question about where to take the money - a rapid bank loans.Credit also goes up with the times and introduce new loan products.If there is a demand for quick loans, why not take advantage and capitalize on this?You will need only a passport, and 20-30 minutes of your time.The purpose of the loan, the amount of your income is not important, the deposit is not required.Of course, the bank bears the risk of default on the loans fast, so betting on them is much higher compared to consumer products.

Also, if you do not know where to get the money, you can join the credit union (or credit cooperatives).Members of these organizations together to meet their financial needs and challenges, someone opens a deposit, someone prepares loan.Most likely, for credit in such an alliance will require an income statement.Loan amounts are usually small.Objectives loans varied: education, treatment, vacation, car purchase, housing, working capital financing to entrepreneurs.It is worth noting the more "human" attitude towards borrowers in credit unions.If notify in advance and explain why it is likely that you will "forgive" and not credited late penalties and interest (unless, of course, do not abuse the trust).

For those people who need the same day to receive the coveted money, there are pawn shops.These organizations are indifferent to the credit history, the amount of wages, length of service and age, as long as the borrower had a passport and documents on the collateral.In that capacity, it issued the most diverse property - jewelry, cars, real estate, land, fur products, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and a Swiss watch.The interest rate on collateral loans is much higher rates on bank loans, depending on the liquidity of the collateral, ranging from 0.5% to 2% per day.

Where to get the money and how to pay off your debts, you decide.They need to be repaid, and the price for the use of borrowed funds is quite high, so maybe you should think about the stash "urgent needs" or get a credit card.The latter option is very convenient and advantageous because it can pay off almost all stores, the interest rate is not too high (18% pa), many banks provide a grace period of interest-free use of funds (on average - up to 50 days).In addition, the credit card is used as needed, you only pay for the actual purchases made, regardless of the available limit.To not have to frantically search for the answer to the question of where to get the money urgently, tidy your personal or family budget and be prepared for contingencies.