Brazil - a huge country, most of whose territory is in the tropics.The climate in some regions it is very diverse, but mostly hot.Let's look at features of the weather and learn how the climate is changing Brazil for months.

Features weather conditions in Brazil

A stretching of the territory has caused selection of six different types of climatic conditions of the country:

  • equatorial climate - average temperatures from + to + 26˚S 24˚S.Almost every day there is a short rain, sometimes a downpour.Vegetation in these areas - wet equatorial wooded thickets.
  • semi-arid regions - the average temperature in these areas is high, around 27? C, even in the cold season, it does not fall below +20 - 22˚S.Irregular and scarce rains.Features of the vegetation in the region - thorny bushes and cacti.
  • tropical climate - from October to April (Brazilian summer) the weather is humid and warm, and from May to September (winter) - warm and dry.Possible changes in temperature of 13? C to +27? C.The vegetation is do
    minated by shrubs, as the soil is infertile, with acidity.These weather conditions have eastern and central Brazil.
  • high altitude tropical climate - typical for most sublime regions of the Atlantic Plateau.In winter it can freeze and frost and heavy rains in the summer.The average annual temperature ranges from 18? C to +22? C.
  • Atlantic climate of Brazil is typical for its coastal areas.The rains are abundant, and the average temperature from + 18˚S to advance to the south along the coast increases to + 26˚S.The specific vegetation in the region known as the Atlantic Forest.
  • subtropical climate of Brazil is characterized by an average temperature 18˚S 13˚S and amplitude up to one year.Summer is soft and warm, and the winter snowfalls are possible.Rains regularly.Featuring a subtropical vegetation depends on the height of the territory above sea level.On the plains are common cereals, and in the mountains - conifers.

As you can see, each of these climatic zones strongly influences weather conditions certain areas and causes the formation of the characteristic flora and fauna.Most of Brazil's territory is under the influence of the equatorial and tropical climate.

summer.Climate Brazil from December to March

At a time when we are raging blizzards and frost cracking in Brazil warm and humid.This is due to the peculiarity that the seasons there is the exact opposite of the European season.Brazilian summer starts December 22 and lasts to 21 March.This time of year is characterized by the presence of abundant rainfall and warm air temperature.Thermometer in December shows the average temperature of 33? C and 25? C during the day - at night.In the north-east of the country figures below average temperatures by 3-4 degrees.And in the central part of it, they are + 29˚S - day and 19? C - at night.

heat subsides in late January, and February is not as sultry.Average daily temperatures can range from 27? C to +32? C, depending on the territory.As already mentioned, in the winter months, the Brazilian weather is characterized by high humidity.In December 15-25 account for rainy days.

This high temperature promotes the heating of the water on the coasts.At this time the rate can reach 29? C.

Autumn.What is the climate in Brazil from April to June

March 22 begins the Brazilian autumn.This time of year can be characterized as moderately hot.In the northeast, the average daytime temperature is around + 29˚S, and in the central part of the country is lower by 1-2 degrees.Accordingly, the night the thermometer reaches 23 ° C and matching + + 17˚S.

In April and May, the average is closer to the temperature readings are reduced to a few more degrees.The water in the seas continue to warm - 27? C.The rains can last for 10-20 days per month.

Brazilian winter (July-September)

Home Brazilian winter - June 22.It lasts until 21 September.At this time, there is a significant reduction in air and water temperature.This is especially noticeable in the southern part of the territory of Brazil.It can happen from July frosts.The average temperature in July, June and August range from 11? C to +15? C at night and 25? C to +27? C - in the afternoon.In the southern regions of the daytime temperature can drop to 17? C.

precipitation at this time is significantly reduced.In September, usually 3-5 rainy days.

Spring.The climate of the country from October to December

September 22-December 21 - is the period of the Brazilian spring.There comes the hot and dry season.On the north-eastern regions of the country the average daytime temperature is between 32? C to +34? C.In the center of Brazil, the same figure is + 30ºC.Night temperatures can range from 11? C to +25? C, depending on the territory.On the coasts, the climate is softer, not so hot, and more rain.

tourist season begins in October and lasts until March, at a time when myself fully reveals the hot climate of Brazil.Photos of travelers to visit this tropical country, are striking in their brilliance.The picturesque nature, formed on the background of such specific weather conditions, makes the country very attractive for tourists.