How to write an essay on the theme "My future profession"?

Writer - a consistent presentation of their views on a particular topic, which has an internal logic structure, compositional integrity and written in accordance with the norms of linguistic usage.

This work is an objective test to determine not only the language of human culture, but also its ability to express themselves, show the level of spiritual development and education.Therefore, mastering the skills of essay writing is an important stage of learning.

often necessary to perform such work causing fear and uncertainty in people who are not "friends" with the verbal.You should change this approach and to take a similar job as a necessary stage in its development.To aid in this process, we explore the algorithm, by following which you can write an excellent essay on the theme "My future profession".

How to prepare for writing essays

To prepare for the work would be good to answer yourself a series of questions that will help in a written statement of his view of the problem, and disclosure o

f the theme:

  • What profession do I like?
  • Why I am interested in this area and what aspects of my personality is manifested?
  • How important this profession is for the people and for me personally?

can discuss the theme works with the competent person - a close relative, friend, having professional experience in the field that you want to see in the course of writing essays.

Good will help the study of relevant literature.If necessary, for example, an essay on the theme "My future profession", it is possible to interview the person who reached the area you are interested in some of the results, or to see the information in the media.To obtain the necessary information is now a lot of opportunities.Consider the algorithm for writing essays, he notes.

main stages of writing essays

Answers to questions will be the core on which to build your view.It is important when creating his work (and it should be viewed as a personal literary experience) adhere to a logical reasoning.It is equally important not to deviate from the topic.Not bad bolster his thesis generally accepted standards (arguments) or refer to authoritative sources.

In his work there are always three elements of the logical structure, which should adhere to:

  • Introduction (Preamble).
  • main part and culmination.
  • conclusion (conclusions).

answers to questions that have been recommended above will be the principle of writing these pieces.The writing on the theme of "Profession of the future", if you follow the logic of the structure, should provide an answer to the main question: "Why this profession can become a calling for the future?"

A good option would be the use of aphorisms, quotes in the introduction or conclusion.They can become a reliable basis for personal considerations, give composing color.So, where to start writing?

Preamble The preamble should briefly express my view of the world of professions, it is desirable to confirm his personal opinions or objective assessment.The question may arise as to why your personal judgment must be supported by reference to the authority.Why only him enough?

First of all, it is an indicator of spiritual maturity of the person.After all, the more a person identifies his "self", the more it shows its limitations.The world is much richer than any, even the most brilliant individual.And the ability through their personal experience of a rating system to accept the outside world - an indicator of the author's personal culture of work.

will be nice if when written an essay on the theme "My future profession - cook," you tell us about the social mission of the profession, about the prospects of it in the light of the increasing popularity of proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles.This specialty, which has always been, is and will be, as it is connected with one of the basic human needs.Therefore, to justify her choice quite easily, in contrast to the professions that are a tribute to a passing fashion.

introduction of the question, and is a problem that is hidden in every subject.The answer is revealed in the main part of the work.This stage - the culmination of the work.The text must be filled with meaning, colors, emotions and comparisons.

main part

culmination theme opens in the main part of the work.You can list the examples of the brightest representatives of the profession, their achievements, successes recognized by others or brought to society.

The logical question is how clearly describe the virtues of this "paper", at first glance, the profession as an accountant?Again, back to the social aspect of the professional choice.It may be noted that the accounting system is a fair distribution of profit institutions, forms of remuneration, and participation in the social environment (in the form of calculation of tax payments).Then an essay on the theme "My future profession - Accountant" sparkle with vivid colors, as it will be an important component - the emotional component.

expressiveness works - a topic of conversation.But without that time the work can be compared to a dry plant, which has everything, except life.How to bring the expression in an essay on the theme "My future profession - a hairdresser?"It is enough to describe the events of life, when a new haircut is not only changing the image of man, but his fate.Or when my mother by making a new hairstyle at a graduation party for your child become a young and happy!

Conclusion One of the most important steps in the creation of his literary masterpiece.The conclusion must fix the elements of reasoning in the preamble and the main part.It was at the conclusion should be clear and understandable, why did you choose this rather than any other profession.

logical to look and that option when the choice is made not completely.This solution will make an essay on the theme "My future profession" bright and ambiguous. for this career choice can be left open, denoting a rich world of possibilities that will open at the end of school.Why not?The most important thing when creating works - afford to be, not seem to imitate anyone, and boldly show their capabilities and a flight of fancy.

Good to know

essay on the theme "My future profession" - a good occasion to reflect on their abilities and capabilities.It is necessary to try to approach the implementation of creative work, that this process was not the need to "get the point", and the opportunity to discover their talents free man.

In this case, the work will be filled with inspiration and will be more useful than the pursuit of evaluation.Either way the approach to writing essays is useful to know and take into account the following points:

  • Do not abuse the complex sentences, thought should be concise and unambiguous.
  • In pursuit of creativity is necessary to remember that literacy - one of the main criteria for evaluating the work.Untidy form of presentation does not help compose a masterpiece.
  • Using the authoritative opinions and aphorisms does not diminish the opinion of the author.This approach helps to show erudition and designate the cultural horizons of the author.