What is the cover?

seemingly simple word "cover", which each experienced more than once, should not cause any difficulties.But if you try to go to answer the question: "What is the cover?", That many have difficulty with the precise definition of the word.

story of

So, what is the cover, and she appeared?The history of its occurrence is closely connected with the evolution of the book.Initially, the need for the covers did not arise, because the first book strikingly different from our usual modern volumes.First there were sheets of papyrus, which were glued into long scrolls, birch bark and clay tablets.All of these materials have one big drawback: they are fragile.

to the III century in Europe began to be used for writing a more convenient material which can be folded - parchment.Earlier there were codes - the most close to the modern book media.The codes have been used cover, which is made of durable material.

more complex the production of books and the more information they can store, the more it becomes

necessary to protect their contents.With the advent of the value of the manuscripts of books increased.The process of hand-made, expensive materials have made priceless medieval manuscripts.Books cost so much that can afford them only the very rich.What is the cover of the Middle Ages?These were wooden planks that hold the sheets of the manuscript and pasted on top of a piece of skin.Then the book is expensive salary, jeweled.

After the appearance in Europe of paper cover of the book began to take on the usual modern look.

What is the cover - the definition and types of

this word referred to the book and its cover design.Cover can be soft or hard.Usually used for its manufacturing paper or paperboard.

What cover?This is not only to protect the book from damage, but also the way the reader to obtain information about it: the name of the work and the author's name.

Do not confuse the cover and binding of books - are different concepts.

What is the book cover

answer know almost everything - from young children to senior citizens.It is the protection of white and fragile sheets of books from the adverse environmental influences and mechanical damage.

But even the most durable book cover will not save it from damage when to treat it carelessly.Suffice it to drop from a height onto a hard surface, and can cause serious damage as a cover, and the pages of the book.If you cherish the book and use it carefully, it will be for many years to look like new.