Prologue - this ... try to understand the terminology of literary

Prologue - a (literature) introductory section, which "opens" the product of any style.He may appear in literature and books in various technical areas and in large articles having a political or social orientation.Prolog is not an obligatory part of each piece.However, it significantly helps the reader to get acquainted with the meaning of what he sbiraetsya proceed.

Prologue - is, to put it in other words, a retelling of the whole work, dedication to the reader in some of its details and events.Often, in the introduction is a short story about the heroes of the book, their characteristics and traits.The author can in varying degrees to reveal their inner beauty or tell about what happened to this or that person before, that is, before he "got in the book."This reception is very good in brighter colors to understand the intent of the writer, as well as to experience the atmosphere, which pose a particular page of a literary masterpiece.

journalists, reporters and philosophers in his works often us

ed as a prologue.Chernyshevsky, master utopian propositions about the world and our existence, could not begin to write any of the work without first having presented to the reader in the form of a brief description.Many also argued that, without reading the preamble, could not comprehend the meaning of what he wrote this thinker.

Prologue - it's intriguing that the author may create in order to gather information from the pages of his book, as many readers.There can not be fully described in the storyline or given incomplete description of a particular character.This method allows to entrap a person, thus "bound" to his book.This trick is an integral part of modern articles, mostly on political themes.If the stated material is large, the prologue - a few pages that can be posted on the Internet or printed in the brochure.In the case when a small article, the author can manage perfectly catchy description which takes a paragraph or two.

This literary term has many variations and varieties.Mainly it is worth noting that in most art books (mostly issued in Soviet times) is just the first chapter "Introduction".This chapter is too generalized and does not clearly define to what will follow the story that is significantly different from what is usually described prologue.It's kind of an introduction, which often makes it clear writing style of the writer.

Prologue is present not only in literary works.Often the prologue - is the first part of the choral performances, the opera or the ballet, dance, monologues, and so on.However, in this case, the term does not lose its qualities and is still the familiarization phase for each viewer.It can unlock the full meaning of the play or create intrigue - all depends on the intention of the author or director.