The ear is burning for what?

Each person has at least once been a state in which he wondered: "Something much ear off - what could it be?" Or suddenly, quite unexpectedly cheeks redden, which also begins to direct to various reflections.But, really, if the cheeks redden or ear off - what could it be?And if there are people who are interested, then, consequently, it is necessary to consider all aspects related to the unusual condition of the skin.

Folk omens associated with reddened ears

Russian people since ancient times believed that not just the ear off.What is this?The old saying, though, most likely, such a reaction occurs because someone behind the person says.And if your ears are burning strongly (both), the memories can be of different nature.It is even possible that the bone does not wash up in one and in two places simultaneously.There is an option that opinion when discussing the individual divided into two opposing camps: some praised, others Koster all the blades.For each ear separately reported its redness certain

information.For example, if only the right ear was red - remember the person well or tell the truth.But polyhanie only the left ear indicates a negative debate often causes such memories are false or groundless.So it turns out, if you believe in people's signs: burning ears both at once because of the eyes speak both bad and good.

ears and weather

Many attribute the condition of the ears and the weather.This is especially true at the weather-sensitive people.Most often pay attention to the fact that the ears begin to itch inside.But the skin condition can often help in the projections.For example, experts in folk will say that if the earlobe is lit, it also indicates a change in the weather.Born into a warm spring or summer month so it can predict the onset of heat, and appeared in the winter or autumn month easy with ears predict imminent cooling.

Folk omens say: red ears on different days of the week foretell various events

As it may seem strange and absurd, but the redness of the ears on different days of folk experts will explain in different ways.For example, if your ears are burning on Monday that, in their opinion, the red-man waits date.Of course, dating rendezvous discord, so to argue that this positive sign, would be quite reckless.But on Tuesday, reddening ears completely failed.If you believe the popular belief, it is facing grief and adversity.Wednesday is also not the best day for redness of the ears.It is believed that this is the sign that heralds the separation.And it really should not have red ears on Thursdays - the loneliness of the future will torment their owner.And what could be worse ... Although there can argue: because someone is looking to get rid of the society.It is best to blush ears on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, since these days promise a date, meet and present, respectively.

Folk omens, explaining why may be red cheeks

and cheeks burning with fire suddenly for some reason, but in my heart settles inexplicable excitement?Certainly it happened this state each.It does not remain unnoticed and healers, sorcerers, fortune-tellers: they came up with an interesting explanation for the people to this fact.Even signs divided by days of the week.For example, if on Monday, burning cheeks - a sign says that the red-faced man expects a new acquaintance.But the redness of their points on Tuesday for a quick brawl.And who knows what it means, if the cheeks are burning on Wednesday?Date pleasant they predict, say experts!If Thursday flared face - we should expect interesting activities, and on Friday - some surprising news.Casual and unexpected encounters promise last Saturday cheeks, and Sunday will be held a lot of fun for sure if the person breaks out unexpectedly.But most of the redness of the cheeks to explain just how and polyhanie ears, writing off is talking behind her back and a discussion of the person as a negative and a positive side.That is lit right cheek - a sign indicating what they say about a man is good, but if left raging - condemning certain gossip, or even slander and gossip.

Negative emotions cause redness

If you think about it, make sure you will find a reasonable scientific explanation for any human condition.For example, you can try to deal with the problem: blaze burning cheeks or ear - what is it?More often than not the blood rush to my cheeks and ears is due to emotional arousal.It contributes to this shame, resentment, hurt or excitement.Although sometimes this state may cause the opposite effect - pale skin.Many parents who know their offspring, according to how much he or his ears are burning cheeks during a serious conversation or how pale his face becomes easy to determine the truth or not a child says, it is what has happened or is going through quite calm.And those parents who deny approval to change the color of the skin of a teenager during the regular family squabbles, an urgent need to change the tactics of education: it is said that man has learned to "listen without hearing," to put a psychological barrier between adults and is in conversations.And such educational methods rather likely will not reach the desired effect.

And on the positive can throw the paint

But, thinking about why burning cheeks and ears, can not think of pleasant emotions, also causes a rush of blood to the face and ears.Those emotions can be a pleasant conversation, including the phone, receiving the gift, the good news, the unexpected, but a joyful meeting, compliments and praise.The long-awaited declaration of love, heard from a loved one, is unlikely to leave indifferent the human soul.And as a consequence - the redness and the face and ears.By the way, imperceptible touch of human contact with whom you want to make more friends, first kisses, has not become a duty and something ordinary, ritual, or other manifestation of attention and is very nice surge of strong emotions in the soul.So the pleasure derived from both human communication and as a result of any action, can make him blush.And the excitement, the anticipation of something pleasant often cause a rush of blood to the head.Therefore, the question of to what burn both ears and cheeks, experts will tell you that because of the emotional lift, the internal mental stress.

think better - Red stronger!

Educators have long noted that often cheeks burning and ears of pupils and students in preparation for answering the exam or writing exams.From an anatomical point of view, in this case, everything is clear: the active work of the brain causes increased blood circulation, and because a strong reddening of the face and ears.And if this "formula to turn and read backwards?"For example, to activate the mental activity required to improve blood circulation in the head, which is cause reddening of the skin in this part of the body.Is this statement correct?Rather, the way it is.Indeed, during the fainting man often slapped on the cheeks, causing a rush of blood to the head.Yes, and dead drunk leads to life, rubbing his ears active.

Exams, swearing, ears and a good score - that common?

And if the answer to the question "why burn her cheeks and ears" is most often the claim that someone has strongly criticized the human, we can "unravel" and another student omen.Since it is probably familiar to almost everyone.It relies on the fact that the Studios or other exams need to strongly criticize much at the time, when he will meet - whether in writing, orally if.The logic is fairly straightforward: House scolded the hapless student or the student, he feels it is red, so the blood rushes to the head, the brain becomes better supplied with food and oxygen to work more actively.And there you are - an excellent result on the exam!Indeed, the way it really is.Only this program is valid only in case the examination was preceded by some kind of training: self-study or regular attendance of lectures and practical work.And if a student showed up for the exam and for the first time saw his teacher, no "rugachki", even the most that neither is a terrible and bad, do not help him to get anything like a positive result.

What tell red ears?

Very often in people who spend most of the day outdoors, burn the ears at night.If a person has long been in the open sun, it could be a reaction to an overdose of sunbathing.Wind and cold and will not remain without consequences: the cheeks, and ears start to burn, with it after the cause of a just eliminated.One had frostbitten ears or cheeks are more sensitive to temperature changes.The same is observed after akvaprotsedur: shower, bath or sauna visit.After a short period of time this condition resolves itself.But in some cases it is necessary to take advantage of the soothing cream or lotion, cool gadgets.

joke about the ears, cheeks, back and sunbathing

On this occasion even have an anecdote.Cheburashka Gena asks: "And what I have ears burn and Gene?" - "Somebody says you probably Cheburashka!If the left was red - is you certainly Shapoklyak honor, and if the right - checkmark good word remembers! "-" The gene and the cheeks to what burn, do not you know? "-" Yes, too, they say, probably about you ... "-" Gen.and the back is why burning? "-" Listen, Cheb, and you would not lay all day on the beach, maybe then, and nothing would you not burning in the evenings! »

conscience, excitement, ears and" scrapie "

ears are burning in the evening and those who during the day did something not very priglyadnoe, for which he is very ashamed.No wonder that people have come up saying: "On the thief and the cap off."Perhaps they meant just raging scarlet ears of a man with a troubled conscience, which are visible from under his cap.Jitters ahead of tomorrow afternoon, which will watershed event, can also cause a reaction.And blush can not only ears and cheeks, neck, chest.And some even observed itching, which is popularly known as a funny word "scrapie".This condition can also cause anxiety prior to some important event: the long-awaited rendezvous with a loved one, the planned declaration of love, pre-wedding chores, it's time to pre-examination, the future defense of the thesis, or open a lesson from the teacher in the classroom, the future performance of a large audience.The best thing in these cases is to relax, drink a calming tea, take a warm shower or soak in a bath, take a walk on the street, watch the show calm, read your favorite book.Some, on the other hand, can help to distract sporting activities, outdoor dancing, theater, shopping, talking with friends.Sometimes you need more powerful "medicine", for example, a shot of cognac or sedatives drops or tablets.However, the latest methods of removing the excitement can be fraught with consequences: a glass of cognac can become not only one.

Folk omens - not fiction, and the conclusions drawn from observations

Still referring again to the national signs, sometimes to think: if all this fiction fortune-tellers and soothsayers, sucked from the finger, then why these beliefs and superstitionspeople are turning to this day why they hitherto believe in them?And maybe it's not such stupidity, as some realists atheist.At least that many people present intuition, they are anticipating some events, they dream prophetic dreams, according to the real facts.For example, according to the memoirs of compatriots Lincoln, Abraham before his death had a prophetic dream.He allegedly walked up the stairs, which was draped with a black cloth.When asked about the president, who consults for mourning, he received the answer: "... for the dead president" told the dream to his wife, Lincoln nevertheless did not listen to her warnings and went to the premiere of the theater, where he was shot.There are many interesting facts, showing that people can feel at a distance of trouble, accomplished with their relatives or loved ones.It seems more plausible changes in the state of skin, depending on whether someone remembers kindness of the person or scolds him bad words.And it's worth noting that each person is different threshold.Very often there is an increased perception of another long-distance relationship of children they sometimes get sick very real way in those cases when someone does not speak about them behind their backs, or wish them evil.

way to "cure" from evil alien promises

If redness of the cheeks or ears does not cause serious trouble to the owner, we can not ignore this state of attention.Not for nothing do they say that the dog pustobrёh barks and barks breeze carries it aside.But when it comes to children or elderly people, especially highly sensitive, it is necessary to apply the "protection" from foreign evil thoughts.For this purpose, a variety of amulets, talismans, pectoral cross, a prayer or a washing with holy water.And no matter how atheists excelled in their denials, all of these funds are used since ancient times and are quite effective.Many people from the evil eye or bad thoughts of others, and promises are in the pockets of small mirrors that are placed reflective side out.So people like to send bad promises to the one who is the initiator of evil.If unpleasant polyhanie face and ears worried man in such a place and at a time when he is unable to read a prayer (or simply do not know it), does not have a guardian and a mirror, that is, a method such as mental protection.According to the logic: someone can hurt, thinking bad, mean, and to cope with such a disaster can also mentally.Suffice it to present themselves around a solid mirrored wall, from which all bad bounces and flies to the one who is the address.Typically, this method works very well.

And you, my friend, the hour is not sick?

But here an example: people are constantly walking the red evening, his conscience is calm, outdoors, he is not seen.What's the matter, why are burning cheeks in the evening, with constantly have this individual?It is clear that people's signs do not work here - can not remember the person stable evenings with such regularity?Therefore, most likely, this reaction is caused by physiological factors.Some people, especially blondes and redheads are hypersensitive delicate skin that reddens easily and quickly.In some people, the blood vessels are too close to the surface of the skin.Both of these cases may be a prerequisite of increased reddening of the face, neck and ears with little or no reason, that is, without a good apparent reason, because hidden definitely the place to be.But sometimes the regular flushing of the skin indicates some irregularities in the body.For example, this may occur due to an allergy to some product or bloom at creams or ointments, medications.The strong effect is as hot tea and alcohol, coffee or hot chocolate, spicy foods.Irritant skin often rigid towel and rub strongly habit human body after water treatment.Do not forget about the blood pressure, in fact it can stimulate increased blood flow, which visually expressed redness of the face and ears.Although the common cold, SARS, or ARI accompanied by fever, and as a result, reddening cheeks and ears.Naturally, in all these cases, you should think about your lifestyle, give up some products that do not go in the summer in open clothes and bareheaded, visit a doctor.

Jokes aside, when it comes to children's health!

especially should pay attention to the condition of a baby in the event that evening the child cheeks burn.You should not joke about it, remembering people's signs and turning over the names of friends who supposedly can remember the baby at this time.The probability of occurrence of the first symptoms of the disease there or, as wags on the face.Therefore, seeing polyhanie cheeks and ears, should measure the temperature of the baby, carefully inspect all skin.