We do not choose the name we bear, but have you ever wondered, does your name on the person and on the course of life?We firmly believe that the name given to us at birth affects our destiny.Have you been wondering about what the origin of your name and its meaning?

It is very important to choose the right name for your child, as this will be an integral part of his life.Sometimes we choose names that are passed down from generation to generation within the family, sometimes young parents can give a name to the kid favorite actor.

How did the name Vilhena?

Female name Vilena has several origins, the first and most common version is considered that the name of Vilena happened immediately after the October Revolution, and the merger was the formation of names, first name and patronymic of the leader of this revolution, the well-known Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.The second version is believed that Vilena - a derivative of the male named William.There are countries where the name is pronounced Wilhelm Wil

ma or Willem.

Character Vileny

woman named Vilena is not sitting still.Her talent in art and sport can bring her to the most reckless actions.Sport and fun, Vilena always attracts the attention of others, but if there is a number of people who will be able to stop it in its actions, Vilhena could shake all his crazy antics that not everyone liked.Therefore, in some situations, the girl needs help and support of his inner circle.Best friend Vileny should be not only reliable, but also a good counselor who can listen and help a good word.With the right people she will be able to achieve the desired results and great success.

lucky that girl, whose parents have named Vilena.The value of the name always affects not only our destiny, but also on the character of the person.The girl with the same name different kind and gentle nature.In some situations, Vilena sensitive and vulnerable, but in other cases it may justly condemn a man, though she rather miserably respond to any criticism of her.Wyhlen is very difficult to find a better friend to whom she could trust throughout.She is afraid to trust, to believe, and then deceived and understand that the person who next, not the one she had seen.Because of this, Vilen, whose name refers to the value of determination, not afraid to communicate with people, so it makes a lot of friends.

How Vilhena behaves in a quarrel with the people

Good and brave girl does not like quarrels and discord in the family and among their friends.Wyhlen better stop to chat with a person than to sort things out.Reconciliation may be on its part, of course, if she feels guilty, or the person is very dear to her.Wyhlen is very important to feel someone needs, so sometimes it is ready to do things that will help win the impact and recognition of the people who are close to her.Ideas, which is in the head of Vilena, do not succeed, but it will never give up and always move forward to achieve their goals.

Vilena - a name for the baby

value named Vilena child says that parents who give their baby a name, can be assured of its future.As a child Vilhena kind and good child.Always calm and a little bit grown up, it is sensible and intelligent girl.The school is always an exemplary disciple, a little eccentric, but it can disappear as quickly as they appeared.Vilena, meaning of the name for which will always have meaning, even from childhood will be interested in its origin.

Family to Family Vileny

for every girl has the most important and Vilena is no exception.Family life is very important for her, according to Vileny, the husband should be the head of the family, but the question must always be discussed together (even if the last word is for a favorite).If Vilena will feel relaxed and comfortable, so will feel all the members of her family.Life is a mirror of its internal state (in some situations, you can even say that it is negative in nature).For Vileny family comes first.She loves children and is willing to all my free time to devote to children and husband.

value named Vilena - feminine kindness and tenderness.Many women dream to be like her.Famous women such as Poterba Vilena, Vilena Vilena Shamahan Brileva and different from many women, their talent and a great lifestyle, which can only envy.

names of the men suitable Wyhlen

Compatibility male names for Vileny is important, so it is well suited to the choice of the future spouse.Here are the main names suitable for the wedding: Dmitry, Andrei and Ruslan.Vilena, meaning of the name for a man that has a value is always when meeting pay attention to it.