How to increase breast cancer at home?

Nowadays many women are concerned about an issue like breast enlargement and make it beautiful shape.Indeed, today became available to many breast enlargement and improvement of their shape surgically.And how to increase breast cancer at home without surgery?

Immediately I must say that a woman's breast is not a muscle, but from the glandular and fatty tissue, so pump it into the Hall of ternazhernom impossible.Also, do not get "correct" only in this place - your breast size will only increase with the total weight gain.Inflate only pecs, which should not be confused with breast cancer.As a result, improve the tone and increase the pectoral muscles, mammary glands pripodnimut become more elastic, will acquire a seductive shape.If, in addition, to strengthen the back muscles, the posture will improve, and the chest will be higher and more noticeable.

there is a very effective exercise in the pectoral muscles for women that can be performed without leaving home.

One of the most famous and accessible

exercises can be called a push.Effective dewatering from both walls and floor.

to be wrung from the wall is necessary to stand up to her face, hands and rely on push-ups, performing 10 repetitions in three approaches.It wanted to do the exercise at a very slow pace.

for push-ups you need to put your hands slightly wider shoulders, feet slightly arrange.Doing push-ups 15 times in three approaches, the pace is moderate.First, perform all occurrences will be difficult or even impossible, so long as the muscles do not get stronger, it is recommended to start with knee push-ups.

Another simple exercise - standing against the wall or sitting on a chair in front of chest to join hands.Press your palms against each other with takmi effort to feel the chest muscles and keep as much as possible.Then let go and shake again.Chest muscles during exercise should be as tight.

To press his hands on the wall in a standing position with a straight back.Perform two minutes three approaches.Try to have been involved the chest muscles, but not the back.

especially effective for developing and strengthening the chest exercises with dumbbells.How to increase breast cancer at home with dumbbells?

One of the most important exercises for this muscle group - a bench press with dumbbells.Lying on the floor, arms with dumbbells at chest, raise your hands up vertically and lower down, straining his pectoral muscles.Do eight repetitions in three approaches.

Good results can be achieved through breeding hands with dumbbells in hand.Lying on a flat bench, with hands raised gantelyaim vertically.Breeding hand in hand to the level of the bench and back to the starting position.Run 15 times in the three approaches.The pace is moderate.

Effective exercise with dumbbells in a sitting position on a chair.Sit on a chair, back straight, arms bent at the elbows with dumbbells pressed tightly to his sides.Elbows are not divorced from the sides, the hand is put aside as much as possible.Perform 10 times.

Standing, dumbbells in the hands descended down, slowly raise your hands with dumbbells up to chest level, leaving them a few seconds in this position.Then, just slowly lower down.Do 8 repetitions in three approaches.

When the question arose of how to increase breast cancer at home, then you need to pay attention to this simple exercise: keep a few minutes in the lowered hands heavy dumbbells, weight must be greater than those to which the exercises.

very useful for strengthening breast sports such as volleyball, swimming, tennis.

So now you are aware of how to increase breast cancer at home?To get the result you need to do the exercises regularly.Do not expect that to change breasts too quickly - it will have to be patient and work hard.