Who is in the European Union?

in the European Union try to get the new countries, because there are favorable economic and political conditions of each country.However, rumors of a possible collapse of the European community are alarming.Therefore, the question of the prestige of joining the euro area is becoming urgent.To figure it out, you must find out who is in the EU and in fact people live in European countries.

EU countries

idea of ​​a European Community emerged in 1950.Its advanced Robert Schumann - Minister of Foreign Affairs (France).

In 1951 in Paris an agreement on European Coal and Steel Community was signed by six countries: Italy, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands.In 1973 they were joined by the United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark;1981 - Greece;1986 - Spain, Portugal;and in 1995 - Austria, Sweden and Finland.

in 2004 was the largest acquisition, when the European Community entered a further 10 states.

Maastricht Treaty, providing for the formation of the European Union, was signed in 1993.Cur

rently, the euro area comprises 28 states.

List of countries belonging to the European Union in 2013:

  • Belgium;
  • Germany;
  • Italy;
  • Luxembourg;
  • Netherlands;
  • France;
  • UK;
  • Denmark;
  • Ireland;
  • Greece;
  • Portugal;
  • Spain;
  • Austria;
  • Finland;
  • Sweden;
  • Hungary;
  • Cyprus;
  • Latvia;
  • Lithuania;
  • Malta;
  • Poland;
  • Slovakia;
  • Slovenia;
  • Czech Republic;
  • Estonia;
  • Bulgaria;
  • Romania;
  • Croatia.

EU flag and anthem

blue flag of the European Union adorn the gold stars (12 pieces).The history of its creation seems paradoxical, because the flag itself appeared before the formation of the EU took place.

Almost every economically savvy person knows who enters the EU, but for some reason its 12 stars, izvetsno not all.In fact, this number represents a holistic form of the universe, the number of months in a year and the number of digits on the watch dial.A circle - is the embodiment of unity.

first time this logo was introduced by the European Council, which deals with human rights issues and cultural activities.And in 1986, the Stars and blue flag was declared the emblem of the EU.

In 1972 was chosen national anthem of the European Union.They became an ode "To Joy", which in 1985 received the approval.European anthem is famous authors - Beethoven and Schiller.

EU crisis

today combines the features of the European community of international organizations and the type of a supranational state.Many countries apply for entry into the EU.Among them, Bosnia, Albania, Turkey and Montenegro.It is still unclear, Switzerland is part of the EU or not.The State has an agreement on visa-free regime, but it is not part of a common economic space.That is why on the border of Switzerland retained the customs control.

Despite the seemingly rosy many EU member countries are undergoing an economic crisis.Here, there are difficulties with the Euro-currency, which Germany strongly supports.Between Britain and the European Union are aggravated relations.The surplus of the balance of payments between Member States continues to grow.

financier George Soros (USA) warns that threatens the collapse of the Eurozone.Among the creditors and debtors of the EU increases the gulf, and economic improvement is not expected.

whether Ukraine will join the EU?

Now many concerned about the issue of who is part of the European Union in the framework of the agreed program of enlargement.Today, it is the Western Balkans, Albania, Bosnia, Herzegovina.

Recently Evangelos Venizelos - Deputy Prime Minister, chairman of the EU - said that Moldova is not a priority of the European Union.

Jose Manuel Barroso, European Commission president, claims that Ukraine is not ready to join the EU.And the European Community is not yet ready to take the country into its ranks.The EU Member States have not expressed unanimity on the question of Ukraine's accession.They believe that the country needs to undertake a series of reforms, including the fight against corruption and to increase the level of accountability of government to the public.And until that happens, the state can not apply for membership in the EU.In addition, Ukraine at this stage is necessary to solve many other problems.

Ways to overcome the European crisis

Countries belonging to the European Union in 2014, absorbed by the economic crisis.Even large countries such as France, could not resist the negative changes in the euro area.And the UK is increasingly declares its withdrawal from the EU.

To save the European Union, must take economic measures radical nature: to return the state to the national currencies of the euro while maintaining or strengthen supranational role of the Eurozone.

question of who is part of the European Union, gives the growing problem of overcoming the economic crisis in Europe.If we manage to normalize the political and economic situation in the EU and to preserve the euro, may soon be able to become its members and other applicant countries.