Type and category of permitted land use.

If you decide to build a single-family house, villa, set up his estate, a farm with a corresponding set of buildings and engineering structures, you will need to know the laws.What kind of category and permitted use of the land, how to arrange a rental property, how much trouble can occur on this difficult path, and how to minimize them, to avoid?Let us examine some of the issues in this article.

land uses

Each prospective landlord should know what is the status of the land.So the problem can be solved by the implementation of your plans, successful investments and income from what you have in mind.Anyone wearing has a certain status.After all, the use of agricultural land may be different.If plans to build a facility in the territory contrary to its status, they simply will not be approved.The Land Law provides for amendments to the draft, clarify.Legally, there are certain restrictions.Efficient use of land is very important.The fact that the lack of coordination between the various subjects of

law creates a fertile ground for manipulation and abuse.For example, agricultural land use are not designed for the construction of housing units for them.If you purchase territory for individual housing construction, then you can not build structures intended for commercial purposes.Efficient use of land is considered an integral part of the development plan / s branch of the state.


What are the types of permitted use of land?

  • individual housing construction;
  • private farming;
  • country construction;
  • country economy;
  • agricultural production;
  • farm;
  • peasant farm;
  • low-rise housing construction;
  • housing;
  • residential and commercial buildings.

consider some of them in more detail.

Individual housing construction

Depending on what set by type and category of permitted use of land, or that territory may use a lower or high demand.For example, I have put on, which may be legally permitted construction of a house, the most prestigious.Such areas are in high demand.Individual building may be allowed only within existing settlements.On this land plot can be built detached house for one family (the Land Law, paragraph 3, p. 48), in which no more than three floors.Before you enter into a contract with the company designer, make sure that the organization has the appropriate state license.Otherwise, you may experience problems during the negotiation phase of the proposed project with you controlling authorities.The construction of individual housing suggests the possibility of a permanent residence registration.In other words, if you have a residence permit, you can legally get a job, to receive correspondence.With regard to the individual owners of property are generally accepted social norms, is compulsorily present the necessary infrastructure and communications.In different regions of Russia on the size of these areas is restricted.You put your collateral may be taken in various banks.


If you are going to build on a plot of land with the status of a dwelling house, it should be clarified in the local administration, whether such construction.After the construction is necessary to sum up the relevant communication.It may be subject to such problems, if the plot is far from the boundaries of the village.If no such restriction - you can easily build a house and gardening and horticulture.

country construction

type and category of permitted land use assume various constraints on the objects erected on it.But among some statuses endowed with a special difference is not present.For example, many houses (plots of land for recreation to residential buildings) do not differ from individual housing construction, except for the fact that the area for the construction of villas has a lower cost.The essential difference lies in the fact that this site is not possible to register.However, if the site is located within the settlement, then to register, you will likely be able to.But the rest of the limitations associated with individual housing, in the case of the construction of holiday is not valid.So, you can build a building higher than three floors, you will not need to carry out the compulsory technical expertise, and for the purpose of data structures from the regulatory authorities, too, you will not have any issues.The choice is yours, in both cases there are pluses and minuses.Of course, in the suburban settlements provided by the construction of hospitals.

country economy

Differences status cottage building on the status of country economy lies in the fact that the issue of summing Communications to the apartment house, you have the right to build can be quite complex.Specify in advance how it will be possible, calculate costs, because often the cost of summing up the gas, electricity, roads, worth more than the land together with the building.

Horticultural and dacha associations

lovers of country life are often combined in horticulture, which exist and work, guided by the regulations governing the activities of landscape gardening and dacha non-profit association type.Type and category of permitted land use under these regulations may be different.In particular, it may be a Gardener's Association, consumer cooperative or partnership dacha.The use of agricultural land provides for them only gardening association.But the "gardeners" may well be located in the territories of the village.The cost of land in horticultural associations are usually higher than in the truckers unions.This is due to the fact that they have a convenient traffic, it is assumed the presence of its own, and sometimes, though not a particularly well-developed infrastructure.And the issue of residence permits in the non-profit association of horticultural essentially resolved.

C / X production

use of agricultural land allows the device corresponding to the / x production.It is allowed to engage in different types of activities: from growing grain to viticulture.Specifically, the type and category of permitted use of land, as well as regulations of the construction and operation of related objects (industrial premises, warehouses and so on. D.), The ability to create communication engineering facilities negotiated with the administration of the territory.Objects with / agricultural production and water can be used for fish farming and irrigation land.

peasants and farmers

you are going to engage in the production of agricultural products with their family or attracting labor from?He put on at the same time can be designed in ownership or lease.Earth can provide the local municipality.When your application is reviewed and approved, you need to own to invite specialists to conduct the mandatory land survey.This procedure is carried out by representatives of land management organization.Then put placed on the cadastral registration, it issued a cadastral passport.If you arrange the rent - a contract you must register with the Federal Registration center, if issued in the property - you will receive a certificate of ownership.And only after all of these operations, you can register yourself as a farmer, to create a legal entity.The size of this area can be very large, it all depends on your plans and capabilities.Since this production, you will not be able to "hold" the land just not using them on the declared destination.In addition, you will be required to pay taxes, regularly submit reports to the appropriate office.All property management belong to its members on a joint ownership.

housing, including low-rise building

Unfortunately, our country in the recent period of its history has practically ceased to engage in low-rise construction, making a bet on the panel and monolithic apartment buildings.This happens in spite of the global trends, such as construction of suburbs and small towns, settlements are very popular.For obvious advantages of such activities.The first low-rise construction eliminates excessive traffic load on urban highways.Given the magnitude Russian expanses and the obvious advantages of such development (life close to nature, but comfortable, "urban" conditions), the trend of recent years can not be considered correct and promising.Worldwide maloetazhek construction costs are significantly lower than skyscrapers.This is a relatively inexpensive construction technologies, which, however, must necessarily go hand in hand with administrative control over the observance of technology and quality construction.It is obvious that in low-rise settlements are much more prosperous environmental situation than in metropolitan areas, the composition of the air is more like industrial zones.The planned complex building implies the simultaneous provision of appropriate infrastructure.On the territory of the proposed kindergartens, schools, hospitals and shops.In addition, there is much better and the psychological state of the inhabitants.Such construction is beneficial for developers in the sense that for the construction of such housing takes less time, reduces the risk - in the short time it takes to build the village, it is unlikely the market situation has changed significantly.

legal basis

terms "purpose of land" and "permitted use" can be interpreted as follows: the first involves belonging to a particular category or status, the second - an additional element coming from the zoning and legal regime.Using the plots in urban planning is done on the basis of the rules of building regulations, the Town Planning Code.The regulations are specific to different territories.There are types of plots for which there are no such regulations: the forest fund, wetlands, protected areas (parks, natural parks), special economic zones.In accordance with Russian legislation the concept of "permitted use" applies to parcels of land planned for development and fall, so by the building regulations.In other cases, it is not required.Many issues associated with the regulation of land use, legal registration of these norms, the translation category of land in particular, are not clearly resolved.Hopefully, at the legal level, these points in the near future will be determined in accordance with the dictates of the time.