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Nobody even thought of us, a great importance for humanity is aeration.What it is?Aeration - are certain actions that result in compensation of oxygen deficiency in a particular environment.Paradoxically, the very small amount of fresh air can do wonders for any living creature.In this article we consider in detail, it is an aeration in some processes, equipped man.

aeration system in the environment

In general, the concept of the term refers to the purification of aeration and oxygenation (air) of any of the physical body (water, soil, etc.). This process is always accompanied by a two-way diffusion.First, air penetrates through the surface into the body and immediately derived substance also evaporate through its surface.

Under natural conditions, aeration - breathability in this mnogopoverhnostnyh layers of the soil, in the space of open water in the waterfalls.Man as a creature that adjusts everything under the subject, I could not help but take advantage of this process to their advantage, s

o in the industry aeration is more common.Most global application of aeration - a wastewater treatment.

wastewater treatment, aeration function in this process

WWTP today experts determined the most friendly and modern setting in terms of ecology.Owing to the aeration process is saturated with water with sufficient air, the oxidation process starts and further disintegration of all organic constituents of water.Due to the special aeration devices described actions all take place in vitro and is much faster and more efficiently than in the environment.

such as power stations consume electricity, so that the adjusted constant movement of air, which means that bacteria living in the water that feed oxygen to ensure normal life.They're just doing the oxidation of organic compounds in the water, and the formation of fertile silt.Thus, microorganisms that feed oxygen, in addition to water cleaners and active inhabitants are environmentally friendly fertilizer.

With this system, we should not forget about the field and its correct aeration arrangement.

Clean drinking water using aeration

waste water are not the only one of its kind, which was purified by aeration.Since aeration - it's still a natural process, it is used to clean and potable water.Today, particularly urban drinking water contains impurities of manganese, iron and hydrogen sulfide.All of them are dangerous to human health, so if you really want to drink clean and safe water, no reliable treatment systems you can not do.It aeration of water is the basis of a variety of filter settings.

essence of the treatment can be summarized as such incremental actions:

  1. water saturated with oxygen, to oxidize ferrous iron, which is so rich in its composition, to the trivalent state.Therefore, the reaction of iron precipitated and remains on the filter.
  2. second process takes place at the same time - venting off hydrogen sulfide and other gases in the dissolved state.

The result - pure water, completely suitable for drinking.This process is most effective, and most importantly, these systems do not require any chemicals, and this, in turn, adds to their safety and efficiency.

methods of aeration of potable water

Today, depending on the strength of the pressure and other conditions are following methods of aeration:

  • Pressurized aeration acceptable, with good pressure and line pressure, the concentration of dissolved iron shall not bemore than 15 mg / l.At the beginning of the water enters the tower aeration under a certain pressure, the flow sensor is triggered and the compressor for pumping air.The aqueous stream is enriched with oxygen and then enters the filter.Pressureless
  • aeration is carried out at a lower pressure and water at high iron concentrations (greater than 15 mg / l).This method is characterized by the presence of additional installation of the tank.At the beginning of the water into the tank, sprayed through special nozzles.Compressor, as in the previous embodiment, provides oxygen enrichment.Then water is supplied by a pump to the filter.

Aeration is an integral part of lawn care

In the above text we have considered aerate the water, but, as you know, aeration can take place in any environment.It's time to get acquainted with the process of soil aeration.The most suitable option - it is lawn aeration.

This procedure is necessary to create a productive atmosphere for the lawn.Indeed, over time takes self-compacting the soil, and it can be lots of reasons (physical stress or unconscious changes in the landscape, etc.), and it is impossible to influence them, we can only deal with their consequences.

Soil compaction leads to a reduction in oxygen, whereby the roots receive less nutrients, furthermore, the carbon dioxide that accumulates, inhibits the growth of the grass cover.In soil aeration - calcination is small, resulting holes must be formed through which the ventilation and moisture transfer.

how to implement your own lawn aeration

This question all depends on the size of the existing lawn.In the case of modest size aeration own hands will be very useful.And it can be done, owning a common instrument - a pitchfork.But if, on the basis of large, will make it difficult, can be used for this case special equipment both manual and mechanical action.And these devices came to be called, respectively - aerators.The quality of the work done, both models are the same.But, undoubtedly, more effective aeration occurs when moist soil, since the dry soil prevents the normal penetration of the aerator.

When aerating the lawn should be

motive lawn aeration process should serve as a prolonged drought or, conversely, a multi-day heavy rain.Only when drought lawn aeration contribute to facilitate the transport of water to the roots of the grass during irrigation, and in the second case - the drainage of excess moisture to prevent rotting grass.

Immediately before the start of aeration, if carried aerators need to make in the absence of the territory that must be processed, foreign objects (stones, branches).

How often should conduct lawn aeration

In general, if after a small rain on your lawn is still a certain time noticed a puddle, you know, this sign says that lawn aeration is needed.It will also be useful lawn on which from time to time ride cars, it will help the grass up from the ground.During the systematic and planned care lawn aeration should be done after 3 cuts the lawn.This frequency will take care of the purity of your lawn of moss and weeds, and the damage to the coating itself will be minimized.But it is worth noting that more careful attention should be given the soil with a high content of clay and the area directly located near the pedestrian roads.

After the first aeration carried out your lawn looks a lot better?Do not hurry to rejoice, continue in the same spirit and in no case do not stop, because the aeration - a process more time-consuming because it is necessary not to achieve short-term improvements, and a full recovery.

role of oxygen in the aeration tank

at depths under natural conditions is the result of a shuffling of the water masses.Unfortunately, things are different aquariums, therefore an important condition for the normal functioning of the aquarium is to ensure there aeration process.The minimum value of the oxygen content of the aquarium is 5 mg / l, but this value is considered the limit for breath, but in any case not for the normal functioning of the biological system.

Aeration of the water in the aquarium promotes oxygenation of the maximum, and to incoming oxygen is distributed equally over the entire volume is necessary to provide intensive mixing of water masses and not only.

mechanisms that provide the aeration process in aquariums

Aeration of the water in the tank can be carried out in several plants.Firstly, it may be a system filter, furnished so as to perform the water circulation to the maximum, or even better - at the water surface.However, all must know when to stop.In general filtration equipment must systematically approach for this type of tank in terms of size and stability, and its installation must be made accordingly.

Secondly, aeration can be obtained via a pump (compressor size and miniature atomizer).In this case, a stream of bubbles that contribute to the process of circulation.

Factors affecting oxygenation

  • Water temperature plays a key role for all of the processes in the aquarium, regardless of their nature.And, of course, the significance of this value into account when calculating the level of oxygen saturation.The water temperature is higher, the supply of oxygen will flow worse.
  • size of bubbles coming from the nebulizer is also important.The size of the smaller the better.Scientific evidence shows that small bubbles (diameter 0.1 mm) provided with the oxygen tank to 10g / m3, while aeration tank with a larger diameter bubbles (mm 2) reduces by half this value.Moreover, measurements were made at the same depth.
  • But not only supplies the water with oxygen aeration, the same effect occupied the plant, are there because the process of photosynthesis has not been canceled.Also, a certain amount of oxygen gets into the aquarium from the outside.
  • Another condition that affects the amount of oxygen - it is organic matter (uneaten food, waste products, and fish excrement), being in an aquarium.
  • number of fish and other living creatures, aquarium lighting, and more.

This is not the whole list of ways to use aeration man for his blessings.As can be seen, the scope is varied and multifaceted, but scientists believe that the use of aeration - one single human action that is not in any way does not harm nature.