124 region - Krasnoyarsk region.

So, visiting various cities of the country, many tourists interested in "124 region - where is it?" This is the code number of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.It attracts a lot of people from foreign countries, and the Russians themselves are not averse to visit such a large city, where the population exceeded 1 million.


Eastern and Central Siberia is famous Krasnoyarsk Territory, which is one of the largest economic, industrial and cultural centers all over Russia.124 region, Kojima is the Krasnoyarsk region, receives a silver medal relatively footprint: the subject of the Russian Federation is the second in size.

Centre region, t. E. Krasnoyarsk, located on both banks of the Yenisei River, where West Siberian Plain dock and the Central Siberian Plateau.

City is a great hub of all traffic movement.There are well-developed industries such as: aerospace industry, hydropower, non-ferrous metals.

level of education in the region as "on high".Only in the Siberian Federal University has over 40,

000 students, and given the whole region, while the number of students will exceed 150 thousand.The presence of 29 higher educational institutions, Russian Academy of Sciences, and the regional innovation and technology incubator are doing 124 area important educational center of the country.


Even in Soviet times it was assumed that Krasnoyarsk will become cities.Today this statement is justified itself.On the territory of Krasnoyarsk agglomeration is home to over 1.2 million people.

According to the 2010 census, in the Krasnoyarsk region inhabited by people of the following ethnic groups:

  • Russian - 92.96%;
  • Ukrainians - 1.02%;
  • Tatars - 1.01%.

course, inhabited by people of other nationalities, but the percentage is less than 1%.

Administrative divisions

124 region, especially Krasnoyarsk, is divided into seven areas:

  1. Railway.
  2. Kirov.
  3. Oktyabrsky.
  4. Sverdlovsk.
  5. Lenin.
  6. Soviet.
  7. Central.

Many are interested in the question of which region of 124. Not all Russians can give an answer.124 - Krasnoyarsk region.This region borders with Tuva, Khakassia, Kemerovo and Tomsk regions, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous, the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District.

Krasnoyarsk Territory is divided into 581 municipal:

  • 484 rural settlements;
  • 35 urban settlements;
  • 17 urban districts;
  • 44 municipal districts.

main cities of the region can be called:

  • Krasnoyarsk;
  • Eniseisk;
  • Divnogorsk;
  • Achinsk;
  • Lesosibirsk;
  • Ilan;
  • Borodino;
  • Nazarovo;
  • Zheleznogorsk and others.


124 region is the most secured area of ​​Russia with respect to minerals.That is what attracts many investments.In the Krasnoyarsk region there are more than 6000 mineral deposits.All the natural resources can be divided into chemical, fuel, steel.It is in the region of 124 is more than 70% of coal reserves of the country.There is also mined copper-nickel ores, Iceland spar, platinum.Krasnoyarsk Territory is one of the leading gold producer in Russia.Also in the city and surrounding areas are deposits of magnetite, molybdenum, apatite, lead, nepheline, copper, antimony, graphite, talc, titanium and magnesium ores, and so on. D.

In the Krasnoyarsk region are well developedthe following industries:

  • transport;
  • engineering and metalworking;
  • production of construction materials;
  • construction;
  • energy;
  • mining industry;
  • pharmaceuticals;
  • chemical industry;
  • wood;
  • food industry;
  • finance;
  • wholesale and retail trade;
  • light industry.

Krasnoyarsk is also famous for the fact that here lived and created famous people: Innocent Smoktunovskij Nina Nikiforova, Peter Slovtsov Elena Akhmylovskaya and many others.Therefore, be sure to visit Krasnoyarsk region and taste the historical spirit, which "eats" inspired such famous people.