Summary "Mateo Falcone" Prosper Merimee

mother's love and a father's love.What is the difference?In his book "The Art of Loving" the American philosopher and psychologist Erich Fromm has an understanding of the love of a mother and a father for her child.Nature is wise.Everything is arranged in silence.A mother's love is unconditional in nature.The mother loves her child for everything: for a smile, for the first step, first word.Everything, no matter what it created the child - has the talent and achievement.Any of his prank - a transient punishment and no less rapid remission.The relationship between the child and the father are quite different.If the world of the mother - is the south, with its infinite warmth, his father - quite the opposite pole, where the weather is changeable, and the climate is harsh, but in the north is just.This is the world of law and order, peace overcomings, the logic of duty and honor.

Fatherly love is not born with the first cry of a baby, it must be earned.However, once conquered, it can be lost.The main v

irtue in it - obedience and disobedience and obstinacy - the most grievous sin.For the latter, in the eyes of his father, to be followed by the inevitable retribution.What should it be?What is the penalty and who or what has the right to determine the degree of its severity?Read the summary of the product "Mateo Falcone".It heard the questions.

Prosper Merimee, "Mateo Falcone": summary

south-east coast of Corsica.If you go to the north-west, inland, then after three or four hours walking the terrain begins to change course.So begins the story, and a very brief summary "Mateo Falcone" we will try to convey in this article.After meandering trail, encountering along the way fragments of rock, overgrown ravines, at the end of the path every traveler out to the vast thickets of poppies.Maca has long considered his native Corsican shepherds and all those recluses and outcasts who once found himself outside the law.If a person is killed or committed some other serious crime, it certainly went to poppies.It was enough to take a good rifle, gunpowder, bullets and a good brown cloak with a hood, which at night becomes a warm waterproof blanket or bedding, and milk, cheese and chestnuts give herders.

has long Corsican farmer, coming to a new land, burned out of the forest to create fields.It was believed that only the richer the harvest will be in the land, that the fertilized ashes of burned trees.However, the fire destroyed the roots of the plants are still intact, and the following spring offer new "fruits", more frequent, and within a few years reach epic proportions.Here is the rough vegetation intricate, anyhow, tree branches and shrubs called maquis.

Mateo Falcone

What talk about the main character novel summary "Mateo Falcone?"Prosper Merimee it is very ambiguous.Not far, just a half mile from the poppies, lived a wealthy man at the time.He lived righteously and honestly.The only source of income was his family owned large herds that graze the shepherds in the area.His name was Mateo Falcone.He was known as a kind man, generous, straightforward and fair.With residents in the area he lived peacefully.However, everyone knew that it could be a true friend and a dangerous enemy.They said that, prezhdechem move to these places, he brutally cracked down on opponents by shooting him in the moment when the "offender" was shaving in front of a mirror.Accuracy - here's another "virtue" Matteo.He easily accurately hit the target in the dark.

Continue summary.Mateo Falcone lived in a big house with his wife, Giuseppe, who gave birth to his first three daughters, which led him into an indescribable fury, and finally his son Fortunato - the long-awaited successor to sort Falcone.For ten years the boy had been sufficiently developed, clever and infinitely pleased his father.


Autumn came.One fine morning, Matteo and his wife decided to go to Macy's to test their herds.Son decided not to take, because the times were turbulent, and we had to guard the house.No sooner said than done.Parents hit the road, and Fortunato stayed home.

took several hours.The boy lay quietly under the still hot sun, looking at the bluish distance and dreaming about how he will hold next weekend visiting his uncle Cpl.Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted.Not far away he heard the sound of gunfire, and after a few minutes on the road leading to the cabin Matteo, the figure of a man.In tatters, with the grown beard, he barely moved his feet.It was clear that he was hurt and did not have time to get to the promised place of bandits - poppies.


Summary "Mateo Falcone" continues.Fugitive proved a Sanpero Jeannette, who was hiding from justice, but the city was ambushed.He deftly slipped away from under his nose "yellow collar", but not much ahead of them due to severe wounds in the leg.He knew that this house just Matteo Falcone, who never, under any circumstances, will not refuse to help a rogue, even if we are talking about notorious criminal, or he will break the eternal and immutable law Corsicans.

However, Fortunato did not rush to help the rebels.Acumen and resourceful, he acted prudently and with full composure.Why help some tramp, to risk their lives for him, if nothing do not get to this?Kill the boy he could not because he had a gun is unloaded, and the dagger he does not keep up with the agile boy.Son bore little resemblance to his father - a man of honor, hospitality, but the hot Corsican.It is much inferior temperament and character.However, as it may be, nothing can be done, there is a time and life more than money.Jeannette Sanpero pulled five-franc pieces, and only then, when a silver glitter, happy boy allowed him to hide in a haystack hay.

Parish soldiers

Less than five minutes later, on the threshold of the house were soldiers in brown uniforms with yellow collars, led by Sergeant Teodoro Gamba, who was a distant relative of the family Falcone.From the first seconds Teodoro, storm thugs and pretty active person, I realized that Fortunato - a small rogue and a cheat.He saw and knew where he was hiding a wanted, but will not say anything.What to do?The sergeant decided to intimidate two dozen saber strokes flat.But there it was.The boy laughed arrogantly, knowing for certain that the Gambia could not apply the force, or take him away in chains and thrown in jail for harboring a criminal.Firstly, they were relatives, and in Corsica, more than anywhere else, revere family ties, and secondly, Mateo Falcone was very respected man in those places to quarrel with him.

sergeant was in trouble, but decided not to give in and play in that game.The strength of the affection and bribery has never failed him.He pulled out a silver watch expensive.The boy's eyes sparkled ...

inexorable temptation

Blue Dial, a long silver chain, polished to a shine incredible cover ... Sergeant realized that hit the nail on the head.For the right to possess this priceless treasure son Matteo will hand over Janet.The commander of the soldiers spoke without stopping, gently assuring nephew of the sincerity of their intentions and not forgetting tray clock closer and closer, almost touching the white as chalk, her cheeks boy.Fortunato's eyes relentlessly followed the slightest movement of the hand Gambia, he was breathing heavily from the outbreak of fighting in - between duty and honor and a passionate desire to possess inaccessible treasure.After a short struggle the last win, the boy raised his left hand and index finger pointed to the hay.Immediately the soldiers rushed to the haystack, and he became the sole owner of the hours.From now on, he could walk through the streets with their heads held high and boldly respond to the question of the hour ...


traitor hiding in the hay bandit quickly disarmed and tied up.Lying on the ground, Jeannette rather disdainfully and dismissively than anger, looked at his son Matteo.He threw him in response received a silver coin, knowing that no longer has a right to it.Suddenly, at the turn of the figure of Mateo Falcone and his wife.At the sight of the soldiers, they stopped for a moment.What could they bring here?Thoroughly rummaging in memory and not having found at last in the last decade of any serious misconduct, Falcone, however, took the second rifle scope, and boldly moved forward.Continue summary "Mateo Falcone".Prosper Merimee subtly, slowly, leads the reader to a tragic ending.Every sound, every movement are symbolic and significant.

Gamba also was somehow not on itself.Overcoming fear and doubt, he went to meet him, deciding to openly tell about what happened.Upon learning that covered Jeannette Sanpero, Giuseppe was delighted, as he last week has withdrawn their milch goat.But when he heard the whole story of catching the fugitive, the protagonist of which was their son Fortunato, the couple Falcone came in indignation.Now housing Mateo Falcone - a traitor home, and the child - the first in the family of a traitor.


Continuing a summary of the story "Mateo Falcone", go to the point of highest tension in the plot.Falcone, snatched from the hands of the clock boy with incredible force threw them on the stone.Dial shattered.Fortunato wept bitterly, imploring his father to forgive him.My father was silent for a long time did not take off his face his lynx eyes.Finally, throwing his gun on his shoulder, he turned abruptly and walked quickly down the path leading to the poppies.The boy followed him.Giuseppe cried and kissed her son and went back into the house.The only thing she could - to fall on his knees before the icon and pray fervently.

Father and son walked down into the ravine.Matteo ordered the boy to stand in a large stone and recite all the prayers he knew.At the end of each he firmly say "Amen."The words of the last prayer, the boy said completely silent and sobbing again begged for mercy and begged his father to forgive him.Matteo raised his gun, aimed it, coolly said the last sentence: "Let God forgive you," - and pulled the trigger.Summary "Mateo Falcone" does not end there.

Alarmed shot Giuseppe ran to the ravine.She could not believe what had happened, but her boy was dead.Matteo was walking toward her: "I'll bury it.He died a Christian ... I must say ... in-law that he moved us to live. "

Summary "Mateo Falcone": Finally

Could Mateo Falcone acted differently?Yes and no.He could feel sorry for the boy for his immaturity, because he succumbed to the temptation to understand that he was still a small child and foolish may simply was unable to resist the temptation.On the other hand, Fortunato not only did not justify the hopes of his father, but most importantly - has violated the main law of the island, betrayed the very nature of the Corsican-mountaineer - the hospitality and willingness to come to the aid of persecuted.Not for nothing at the beginning of the author gives a detailed description of areas where there have been subsequent developments, and indicates what constitutes overgrown vegetation.The surrounding nature affects the rights and imposes on it a seal.Today you help a person to escape justice, but tomorrow stern and fiery temper Corsican, similar only to that of dense and impenetrable thickets of poppies, can play a cruel joke with you, and then you find yourself in the place of the persecuted.Therefore, before Mateo Falcone was not a choice: kill or spare.In his veins flowed the blood of only one: there is no forgiveness for betraying or expulsion, only death.

Once again I want to remind you that the article dealt with the novel by Prosper Merimee, "Mateo Falcone".Summary can not convey the subtlety and depth of the feelings of the main characters, so the reading of the work is necessary.