We register the ownership of residential property

procedure for registration of property rights - rather complicated, time-consuming and time-consuming.Most people, sooner or later resorted to this procedure, since the state registration of rights to real estate - the only proof of the existence of this right.And then there are a lot of questions: where are registered the ownership, what documents are needed when you can get the basic document for the right to property and many others.Let's look at the process of registration of property rights in more detail.

Ownership need to register if you are buying, change, give, inherit, privatiziruete / deprivatiziruete, renting for the long term, building a property, or if a property is not registered in a single state register of rights.The registration procedure is governed by the Civil Code and the Law "On state registration of rights to immovable property and transactions with it."The ownership register at the location of the property within the county of registration, if the property is not located on t

he territory of several districts.The names of the registration authority may be different in different cities and republics of the Russian Federation: State Committee on Property and Land Relations, City Bureau of registration of rights to real estate, Regional Chamber of Registration, etc.

To register you will need a package of legal documents and more.You need to apply to the registration authority, pay a state fee, the documents confirm his ownership of a particular property.Since all documents will need to make copies, because of the registering authority, you will need the original and a copy.Always will need to provide the cadastral plan of the land or property with cadastral number.Cadastral plan of the land is certified by the Committee on land resources, and other property - Technical Inventory Bureau or other organization, the leading real estate accounting.

If the property has only recently been built, you will be required documents proving its creation (contract, investment contract, the act of acceptance, the act of the state commission, design and estimate documentation, subcontract) and a document on the lease / ownership of the landsection.

The ownership of the unfinished construction is supported by the following documents: a document on the right to use the land, document description under construction, design-estimate documents.

All documents submitted by the real estate shall contain all the necessary information for registration of title to real estate and reflect this information in the Unified State Register of Rights.The documents have to be a detailed description of the type of property.The text of the document should be easy to read and be legible, all the names, surnames, patronymic name and address must be written in full, without reduction, if there is a mention of legal persons, it must indicate the actual and legal address of the person.

If the documents submitted by the physical person from it necessarily require a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, the representative organization for the additional required document confirming his authority to act on behalf of the organization.

If the documents have fixes registry, erasures, deletions and other corrections or serious damage to the instrument, your documents will not be accepted and considered.

If all documents are in order, your documents will be given to the consideration and your hands a receipt with the date of adoption and a list of the documents received from you.Within a month of ownership document must be prepared.