What is the sapphire?

Everyone knows that this glass, and the majority - what sapphires.Beautiful precious stones, which are used to make jewelry.Well, what is the sapphire crystal, which is needed and what has to minerals?


There are three main varieties used in modern conditions: Plexiglas or, as it is called, plastic, as well as mineral and sapphire glass, although the first, in fact, is not.In fact, of course, the type more, because they use a variety of spray, additives and so on. D. Without some preparation, not all will be able to distinguish one species from another, but for a specialist and a person who has some experience of working with glass, it will not beeasy.

Basic properties of sapphire

Officially, this stuff is called a single-crystal aluminum.Not so beautiful, is not it?And in fact it is not glass and crystal.By sapphires, he has a very mediocre attitude, because it is not a natural stone, and those obtained in the laboratory.However, this does not detract from the excellent properties of

this material.

Firstly, it is extremely wear resistant.It is difficult to scratch anything but a diamond, so that any scrapes and haze he was not afraid.On the one hand, it extends the life of the product, but on the other - makes it difficult to process, and therefore increases the cost of production.Secondly, this material has a beautiful gloss and transparency significantly.And, thirdly, it is very fragile.It is surprising, but, like diamonds, possessing enormous hardness, sapphire is easily broken, so to products with its use should be treated with care.


First and foremost, of course, plexiglass, mineral or sapphire crystal is used in the watch industry for the protection of the dial.But as soon as they say that they will also be used as a coating screens of smartphones, laptops and other electronic devices.Mineral variety has been used for a long time, but the sapphire crystal watch and sensor devices have been developed relatively recently.Of course, in this regard are already underway patent war, and competitors argue, what kind it is better.So, what distinguishes the two most common materials, and what to choose?

Mineral or Sapphire: comparative characteristic

They vary greatly in price, on the properties and prevalence.Their advantages and disadvantages have both varieties.Nevertheless, sapphire crystal clock was rather a status symbol than a necessity, while the mineral seems the lot of the middle class.Is it really?

Sapphire crystal harder.Typically, school Mohs given a value of 9, while the mineral content index of 6.5.This means that any metal keys may damage it.On the other hand, sapphire deposition can prevent this problem.

Mineral glass less brittle.Unfortunately, the sapphire crystal is very easy to break, so the hammering on the face of the clock is not necessary.The latter development and improvement of mineral glass showed that destroy it 2.5 times more difficult.

Sapphire crystal is thicker and heavier.For hours it is of no great importance, but the screens of electronic devices - some more.The thinner the glass, the better the touch screen responds to touch.Mass of glass is less than 1.6 times equivalent.The difference is small, but the tendency to compact it can be an advantage.

Finally, the price.Sapphire glass is difficult to process, so that its production cost is approximately 10 times higher than in the case of the mineral.Its manufacturing is spent more energy, and this process is quite neekologichen.

How to tell?

First of all, you can do the marking sapphire glass or crystal glass.The latter refers to the mineral.If there are no markings or needs to check, you have to find out through a series of experiments.

easiest - to determine how quickly heats up the glass.Sapphire is cold much longer than mineral species, but in this case it is necessary that it was, to compare.

Another way - to try to scratch the glass with something metallic.Sapphire did not give in, but on the mineral can stay scratch.Moreover, in recent years there are so many new technologies of manufacture of organic glasses that their hardness increased substantially, so that even this test may not help.Another type of test is also not highly accurate, but may be helpful.Dripping a little water on the glass and inclined surfaces.With organic liquid glass is easy to slip and to a sapphire, especially with anti-reflective coating, like stick, keeping the shape.

In any event, marking the latter species should be present necessarily.It should also be remembered that sapphire simply can not be cheap.So it is too low price - a reason to doubt the honesty of the seller and ask for documents on the goods.