The concerns of many women: "Why is my husband does not sleep with me?"

Many women once begin attending thought: "My husband does not sleep with me as often as it once was, our intimate games are not so passionate ... and not started the he a mistress?»

time extinguishes the fire of love

Unfortunately, passion often fades with time.Love games gradually taper off, giving way to a rare and boring act.But it happens sometimes that the once passionately loved, always felt lust sexual partner lady desperately admits: "My husband does not sleep with me!" Of course, the first thought that comes to mind - a suspicion of infidelity spouse.But is it?

Witnesses in a relationship do not need!

First of all you should find out the cause of the situation.Do not immediately complain to her friends and her mother: "My husband does not sleep with me!" At best, they will perform the good advisers.But there is an option that a friend, adopt a family problems, will be the very razluchnitsa that hapless husband so afraid.A kind and caring mother, a pretty loyal to this day Tesza,

fiercely hate careless-in-law.And then, even after the resurrection of the senses adjust previous contacts will be very difficult.

why the husband lost interest?

actually causes cooling may be due not only to the side, although discounted schёtov this option is not immediately necessary.It is a very serious thought and ask yourself the question: "Why is my husband does not sleep with me?" The reasons may be diverse, not just on the side of love."My husband stopped to sleep with me" - lamenting you.Perhaps he is very tired at work.Or maybe the man is suffering from a disease that changed his sexuality.Or his wife was simply boring to deal with the same woman, the wife is no longer excites him.

How do women in this delicate situation

first thing that psychologists advise - is not to make a scandal.Stormy showdown can do to nullify chat rooms, between which any ambiguities.It is not necessary, as mentioned above, and to bring to the discussion of the problem of unauthorized persons, how close they were to the fair sex.But to remain silent, inactive, hoping that all by itself is formed - not a solution.Therefore, no matter how embarrassing his wife, she should gain strength and tact and to talk openly with her husband.
1. If the husband is just tired, you can review its output.Perhaps, even in these days it is loaded suburban works, which he hates, forced to go to his friends and family at a time when he wanted to just lie on the couch.
2. If a man feels discomfort in physiological terms, the trip to the doctor can correct the situation.
3. Man can hardly be recognized that no longer loves his wife, and she ceased to excite.So you concluded: "My husband does not communicate with me."In such a case, you should reconsider all his behavior, change clothes, do their appearance.Usually men are prone to diversity, respond positively to the fact that instead of the usual modest brown-haired woman in a nondescript robe on the threshold of the bedroom suddenly there burning brunette in sexy lingerie, which is passionately without preamble attacked him with kisses.

If the whole arsenal of tricks women has no effect, it makes sense to seek the assistance of an experienced psychologist.