What a good processor can be advised for today?

Before buying a new system unit in the first place the question arises, what good processor you can buy today?Since all high-performance solutions based on the architecture x86, it is necessary to choose between Intel and AMD.The first CPU different phenomenal performance and low power consumption.However, their cost is too high.But AMD is just different loyal pricing policy.This loss in performance is insignificant.


This manufacturer in the segment of high-performance solutions to date is just two platforms: LGA1150 and LGA2011.The first of these is focused on office and home PCs.Its flagship models are the Core I7 4770K and Core I5 ​​model 4670K.The second - a solution for PC enthusiasts and very demanding users.Its main CPU - is the Core I7 model 4960X.Now Decide what good processor can be selected from this manufacturer.Decision on I5 immediately eliminated.It is possible to overclock the CPU, but it has only 4 cores, 4 threads can handle.Given the fact that the program has already bee

n oriented 8-threaded processors, this will not be sufficient.In turn, I7 4770K model as it meets this requirement (4 cores and 8 threads).The last of them - 4960X - is even more expensive option with 6 cores and 12 threads.However, he is able to solve problems of any level of complexity.Of all the previously provided for the producer will try to draw a conclusion as to which processor is better.Intel, in principle, she gives us the answer - a solution based on Core I7.However, the price they have unreasonably high, which is a serious drawback.


The company AMD is much easier.One platform performance - AM3 +.It is headed by four decisions line FX.This CPU models 8320, 8350, 9370, 9590. All of these 8-core.The difference lies in the frequency equation.Therefore, in this case, the answer to the question of what good processor from the company, can be given for the frequency formula, but it is at first glance.But since 9590 it is in the normal mode of 4.7 GHz and a peak - 5.0 GHz, the answer is obvious.However, not all so simple.All these CPUs come with an unlocked multiplier.Therefore not difficult to disperse high-quality cooler to 8320 of the same 4.7 GHz / 5.0 GHz.The result is a very simple answer to the question, what better processor (AMD).It is 8320, but only completed with high-quality cooling system, motherboard, and powerful power supply.Such a configuration will provide acceptable performance at low cost.


now summarize as to how good it is best to buy a processor today.Of all the options considered in this respect stands out from the FX-8320, AMD.At sufficiently democratic price it boasts of having 8 paired cores and higher clock frequency.He also has an unlocked multiplier, which allows the presence of high-quality cooling systems to significantly increase productivity.All current programs will gradually be optimized by increasing the number of threads.Ultimately, this will further unlock the potential of the CPU.All this makes the purchase amount as a justified from an economic point of view and from a technical.