The writing on the theme of "Healthy Living" in the 4th grade.

Do I have from childhood care for their health and that it needs to do?What are the recommendations of doctors and physical exercises to perform?The writing on the theme "Healthy Lifestyle" is just designed to help the student understand the answers to these questions.First of all - for yourself, and then in writing - for the teacher - articulate what human health and it is important to complete the work and existence.

writing "Healthy Living" (Grade 4)

This offer subject to consideration in the 4th grade.By this age, a child should already know some of the laws of hygiene and nutrition, and to understand the importance of timely compliance.Before you will be given an essay on the theme "Healthy Lifestyle", you can offer a class to conduct a quiz on the same topic or testing.We need to ask the children to answer several questions in writing.

The test

  • How often do you wash your hands?Possible answers: just before or after a meal bathrooms, more than 10 times a day when they are very dirty.
  • How many times a day do you brush your teeth?Options: morning, morning and evening, from case to case.
  • How often do you wash your feet?Answers: Every night, when only bathe only when forced to by parents.
  • Does every day you make a charge?Possible answers: yes, no, do not do.

Think of a few such issues.It is necessary to ask the answer sheets of paper honestly and quickly.For each answer you can put some points.This activity will encourage children to write essays.After collecting the sheets, you can continue.


It involves answering questions orally in the form of a competition between two teams, for example.Have to say in the game plan on how often you can eat sweets, how much time should be given to physical exercise that helps a person to maintain health and immunity (especially in winter), in order not to get sick, why do you need to observe the regime of the day.

Pictures and slides

very useful for understanding the theme "Healthy Lifestyle" and visual propaganda in the form of slide shows children and pictures, for example, about the dangers of smoking and the benefits of exercise and the proper observance of the regime of the day.You can show the photos showing what to do in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

Songs and poems

Ask the children to be prepared in advance and read poems about a healthy lifestyle.Poetry can be a well-known authors as well as his own.Poems about healthy lifestyles can punctuate the classics of Russian and foreign literature on a given topic.You can also offer to audition and songs about health.The goal - to form the guys right attitude to understand the lesson that they can write an essay on the theme "Healthy Lifestyle".This preconditioning helps the best way to uncover the lesson put to task.

plan: how to write an essay

also important to explain to children how to be a scheme of its reasoning.To begin with suitable oral test plan.How to write an essay on a given topic, it will be clear from its content.The plan should be brief, but at the same time, on the merits, contain an introduction and conclusion (summarizing), as well as the main part.

Example plan

So, write an essay on the theme "Healthy Lifestyle".The plan may be so:

  1. Introduction: why it is important to lead a healthy way of life from a young age to old age.
  2. main part: what exactly is a healthy way of life, what the basic rules must be followed to keep your body active and workable for many years.Expand the role of proper nutrition and exercise for all people.Tell us briefly about the impact of bad habits (smoking, drugs and alcohol) on human health - mental and psychic.
  3. Conclusion: to summarize, to determine what are the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, man, and that it needs to do a schoolboy.

Examples school works (excerpts)

  • "Whoever leads a healthy life from childhood, rights to all 100! It looks good and is always full of energy and initiatives. He has a lot of energy and good humor. He was not rude adults andalways work correctly. A fit and in good health to gain people around. Besides, people follow a healthy lifestyle, never get sick and do not miss classes. "
  • "In what should be a healthy way of life? In nutrition, personal hygiene, physical exercises, that make every day. It is also important to go to some sports section, boxing, gymnastics, martial arts, basketball, football - it does not matterthe main thing that was interesting and the like. Do not eat fast food or drink soda: they have a lot of harmful chemicals. It is better to eat grandmother's cake and drink fruit compote. And above all to establish a schedule and adhere to it. Get up early in the morning anddo exercises, drink juices. The school is also required to have a day in order not to spoil the stomach from an early age. "