How do I delete all the tweets directly from your account

If you communicate or express your mood using Twitter for a long time, it is likely to have time to write a lot of posts.If you plan to transfer your account to someone else or just want to start blogging again, before you face the challenge of how to remove tweets all at once.In order to do this, you must use a specially designed service.In this article you will find information about some of them and choose the best for yourself.

How to remove tweets all at once.The easiest way to

TweetEraser - is a completely free service for the mass removal of posts from your account Twitter.This simple web-based tool allows you to filter, and then delete any messages and links.You can filter the tweets on search criteria you specified and / or using the date.

To do this, go to the service.Click "Log service Twitter», located on the left side of the interface.You will be redirected to the page "Twitter" to enter the system in order to provide access to this service.

Now you need to log into your Twitter a

ccount and allow access to it TweetEraser.Once you allow the service to synchronize with your account, you will be redirected back to the site TweetEraser.

Now you need to find a form to filter search results.You can use a text field for the search parameters.You can also filter the results by using the date.Follow the instructions how to remove tweets all at once, press the red button.All chosen and links disappear.Confirm the deletion process to permanently destroy all the selected data.

Other web sites that allow you to clear your account, "Twitter»

TweetDelete can automatically delete messages older than the specified age to your page on Twitter.It is also a good way to remove all the tweets at once.So you can remove up to 3200 messages simultaneously.

Once you activate TweetDelete, it will check your account every day to identify new tweets that are older date specified by you, and delete them automatically.


Talking about how to remove tweets all at once, you can use the app Delete All My Tweets.You need to log in Twitter, allow the program to synchronize with your account, confirm it, and just wait as at one time will be removed to a thousand posts.If you need to remove more than a thousand messages, simply repeat the process.Once your tweets will be deleted, you can not restore them.


TwitWipe is a tool to clean or delete all of your micro-breeze.First, you need to provide TwitWipe access to your account Twitter.(TwitWipe uses OAuth).Then you need to click on «TwitWipe - this account" to completely clean your microblog.

As you can see, delete messages in the cellar.However, if you are interested in how to delete multiple tweets at once (but not all), better use of online services, but not to install the application.If your goal - complete cleaning of your account, to better synchronize them with a specialized program.