PPPoE - what is it?

In the world there are many types of networking, operating on the basis of protocols for different purposes and different levels of effectiveness.Consider the major issues associated with the protocol PPPoE: what it is, how it works and what has been created.To understand the benefits of this technology, you must learn a few important points.We begin with a brief introduction to the concept of the introduction of PPPoE.

The essence of this decision

Responding to a question: ¬ęPPPoE - what is it?", It should be clarified that it is a special communication protocol.The name is an abbreviation that stands for Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet, that is a communication protocol via Ethernet on a "point to point".The compound works by analogy with dial up.

The difference lies in the operation: an Ethernet network connects PPPoE instead of a dedicated telephone line.It is necessary to say about the strengths of the technology.We emphasize that the PPPoE-connection has the advantage, which is to exp

and the spectrum of additional features: you can compress the data to authenticate, encrypt information.

However, the requirements are lower MTU (1492 bytes instead of 1500), which sometimes leads to complications when working with firewalls.Another answer to the question: ¬ęPPPoE - what is it?" - Can be formulated as follows: it is a tunneling protocol.In other words, the technology is implemented in the ability to configure IP or other protocols over a PPP or Ethernet-connection.Therefore PPPoE can be used for virtual calls, "point" connection and to send IP packets, thus yielding all the advantages of PPP.

PPPoE-Connect: what it is and how it works

Implement PPPoE-connection at all easy.The first task - adjustment of the antenna.Although it is best left to a specialist of technical support: You as a user can only be connected to a power supply kit.The access point and the radio antenna is connected with a thick cable to the computer summing couple entwined with wires.The wire is crimped and connected on one side to an access point, and on the other - to the AC adapter.

Protocol PPPoE: what is it and what mistakes may issue

When using PPPoE protocol may have different technical errors, each of which has developed algorithms for solutions.We should talk about them in detail.Consider the typical mistakes PPPoE.

Popular fault has the number 633 means no modem or an incorrect setting.To remedy the situation may be to reboot the computer to try to connect to the Internet and re-establish the connection.

Error number 676 means that the line is busy.Requires re-enter on a local network and connect, and after reboot to remove and re-install the network driver.

If the remote computer is not responding (Error 678), you can test the functionality of anti-virus and firewall settings, if any.It should re-enable the network adapter, check the operation of the cable and the presence of electrical connections.Also, check the operation of the card and reinstall the drivers.It allowed no communication with the server, but this is a systemic problem.

In any case, you need to understand the cause of the problem and identify all possible sources of problems.You can contact the service provider where you consult support.Other common mistakes: 691 (denied access), 711 (service issue), 720 (protocol mismatch connections), 52 (with the same name can not connect to the network).

numerous number of internal errors of Windows (600, 601, 603, 606, 607, 610, 613, 614, 616, etc.) are removed by rebooting and removing viruses.It is better to cancel the configuration changes that have recently been made.If there is an incorrect setting the internal network configuration, then an error 611. It is necessary to check the functioning of local connection.

Error 617 may be a symptom of an internal problem of OS.With most disruptions will help to understand the technical support staff.The OS has information about faults, held their diagnosis, and the solutions to problems are already built into the system.


technology PPPoE - wireless, transmitting data through the airwaves.Leased line is too expensive, but its implementation is not always possible physically.Dial-up is slow and often fails.The radio is more reliable.

Providers are not always ready to provide a high speed that they themselves and trims.It is important to adjust the antenna and send it to the station to optimize the flow signal.There is such a thing as wan miniport PPPoE.What is it you ask?In short, this is another area that can refer to an error connecting.If it occurs, please contact technical support.


necessary to clarify the features of the protocol, as there are some advantages of each type of compounds.PPPoE PPP transmits frames directly via Ethernet.Unlike traditional IP-compound that has a need to establish an account at the gateway - it is important to establish control and simple format.Furthermore, the process is facilitated by setting a function such as billing.

PPPoE difference is speed, which is up to 100 megabits per second.Transmission media - Ethernet.It uses special technology - PPP stack that is not innovative because of its prevalence.


to connect high-speed connection and WAN Miniport used with the protocol PPPoE.At the time of launching the connection at high speed (especially when using Windows 7, and 8) a connection error.This error has the code 651 and is connected to a communication failure when using ADSL and incorrect work of the router.

To resolve this issue, go to the server (for example,, and to clarify whether there is a connection to the Internet.The problem may be hiding in the art user (failure in the modem, router, fiber optic terminal), or be a problem with the ISP.

Determine the type of connection

This operation can be carried out by the user of the computer that has the introductory level.So, click "Start" button to display the main menu of the OS?and go to the "Settings" to perform certain types of Internet connections.

Now you know more about connecting PPPoE: what it is and how this technology works.