How to set a password on a folder of Windows 7?

In today's world, even people far from the information technology, must have heard the statement, according to which the most valuable - is information.Each of us has their own experience confirms this almost every day.It is clear that all that is valuable in need of protection.Especially when it comes to preservation of digital data stored on computer media.That is why the network is often asked question is how to put a password on a folder Windows 7. The previous version of the system, Win XP, almost not used, and the new Win 8 is still "raw" is a result of Win 7. Therefore, we consider it a seven.

Before you begin to understand how to set a password on a folder of Windows 7, we note two important points: firstly, to delimiting access to their data should be approached very carefully.Any invented passwords and codes are recommended to write down on a piece of paper or, more crucially, create a text file with them (it is convenient to store, for example, in the file system memory card of your mobile

phone).Clearly, this is potentially a security risk, but you can not imagine how often deal with people, to set a password on a folder in Windows 7 and look for opportunities to break into a panic as their own, but forgotten passwords.So, keep passwords.At least at first, until you learn them.

Second, set a password on a folder of Windows 7, even a beginner can.No need to listen to "advisors", claiming zaparolivat difficult.This is not true.The developers of such programs are doing everything possible to simplify the use of the application.Often enough to press one or two buttons and dial your password.What could be easier!

There are several ways to prevent unauthorized access to their information.Each of them (and how could it be otherwise), has its own characteristics, so they must be available before you make a final decision in favor of a software product.The first way is to set a password on a folder of Windows 7 - is to use the operating system.It is possible that if you go in as an administrator, other users their access codes, and file system - NTFS (from FAT32 this trick will not work).Click on the desired folder, right-click and follow the "Properties - Security".Edit the list in the "Group or user names" ("Change" button).The window below enables you to configure the access level.Sometimes these settings are not available even to the administrator.To solve it follow in the "Safety - Advanced - Owner" and assign themselves the owner.Although the method and simple, you can not call it reliable.There are plenty of options to get around this protection.Although in some cases it is enough.

Alternative: "Folder Options - General - Other - encrypt the contents."Effectively protects even from users with administrator rights (uchetki differ), but when you change the account password to open the encrypted elements becomes impossible.Keep this in mind.

Password folder on Windows 7, you can put with another popular solutions.It is zaparolivanie Tools folder archives.Consider WinRAR.First, it must be downloaded and installed on your computer.After that run WinRAR, select the desired folder.Click on the picture books (add files to the archive), then choose the "Advanced" tab.You can set a password (dial twice to avoid mistakes).Create a password-protected archive.That's all: now work with the archived folder can only know the password.Reliability is one of the highest, but the use of the archive is not always convenient.

Another option data protection - a third-party program.One of the popular solutions.There are many programs also varies, and their functionality.Examples: Lock Folder, Folder Guard, Password Protect USB, and others.