How to decorate the house for Halloween?

Mystic Halloween night can be turned into a big party.This idea is best carried out in the country or in the country.But even if you do not have a house in the village, do not worry!City apartment, if desired, can be quickly converted into a dwelling vampires and ghosts horrible.Let's try to make decorations for Halloween with his hands.

history holiday

world-famous and unusual Halloween many impressive.But not everyone knows the story of its origin.Before you begin to prepare for Halloween decorations with your hands, you should know the origins of the unusual holiday.Day impure forces appeared thanks to the Celts.In the night from October 31 to November 1, they celebrated the coming of winter.The Celts believed that day mystic.On this night, on the street leaving the prince of darkness, surrounded by his cast.People believed that at this time on the ground down souls of the dead, to see their relatives.At the same time the evil spirits to transform into a variety of guises.Most often they were ani

mals.It was believed that if a person wears a similar outfit on, the evil spirits will be his "own."In those days, the holiday of dark forces called "Samhain".Halloween Decor at Celts limited only scary costumes.Later this pagan festival interwoven with the Catholic celebration of All Saints Day.In English it is called All Hallows Even.Hence the its abbreviated name "Halloween".

How to fool evil spirits

Important in celebration of Halloween is that evil is not suspected that the house was inhabited by good people.Halloween Decor start with cobwebs and bats.The Web can be made of thin threads.Bats better cut of thick black cardboard.Each mouse should be hung from the ceiling upside down.Decor Halloween is not complete without the main festive fetish - pumpkins.Bellied "Garbuzov" a frightening smile can be cut from decorative vegetables.They can decorate the house and steps to place on the shelves in the rooms.It is recommended to look into the shop, "jokes."There you can find unusual gizmos such as hellounsky accessory in the form of severed hands.They can be attached to the wall with tape.Spooky atmosphere at home will help create and chandelier.Lamps can be covered with torn pieces of gauze starched - and a real ghost ready.It remains only to draw his eyes black marker.

Ideas sinister entourage

Decor Halloween with your hands can be done with improvised means.It should be just a little dream.The gloomy gothic interior of the house is easily enlivened by black cardboard mouse.Windows can "decorate" a web of silicone, which will hang rubber spiders.Ordinary curtains can also be given a sinister look, decorated with clippings of black fabric.On the festive table you can put a candle, giving them a kind of blood-stained using watercolors.House recommended decorate autumn leaves and Rowan branches.Some ideas as decoration for Halloween use it is very frank accessories.For example, get a replica of the human skeleton and put it in a corner of the room or for a festive table.Unusual Halloween decor ideas are presented in the following photo.

Scary dishes

As can be seen, the decor for Halloween with your hands to make a snap.But the holiday was special for a long time remained in the memory of visitors, it is necessary to come up to the corresponding meals.First of all, to the "sinister" table must be present pumpkin treats.It may be an ordinary pumpkin pie, which will decorate the berries in a terrible faces.Mushrooms can also be cut sinister faces, which would be appropriate for the festive table.Dishes for Halloween should be simple, but scary-looking.A little imagination and you will be "their" among the evil spirits!