What is the trail, and what they are used in literary works

integral part of any literary work are a means of expression.They are able to make the text a unique and individual copyright.In literary criticism such means are called pathways.To learn more about what this path, you can by reading this article.

literature could not exist without the various figures of speech that give the works a particular style.Any author, whether a poet or a novelist, constantly uses the trails to help convey their own thoughts and emotions that he wants to express in his creation.That's a lot of tropes works of art are different from other types of original texts.So, let's talk more about themselves the means of expression of speech: what it is, what types there are, which ones are most often used, what are their functions and features.

find out what trails.Trails - a figure of speech that make the text more expressive and lexical variety.There are many types of these funds: metaphor, metonymy, personification, hyperbole, synecdoche, parcelling, litotes epithet, comparison,

and others.Find out more about these trails.In Russian, they are really a lot, so some scientists have tried to highlight some of these means of expression, from whom all the others.So, after a series of studies have found that the "main" paths are metaphor and metonymy.However, a single classification means of expression of speech does not exist, because scientists have been unable to identify a single trails, which were formed by all the others.

clarify the meaning of the above path.

metaphor - a hidden comparison, a figure of speech, which helps compare several items to each other without words "how", "such as", "is similar to anything" and so on.

Metonymy - a means of expression of speech, which is the substitution of one word for another on the principle of "contiguity".

Incarnation - this assignment inanimate objects human characteristics.

hyperbole - an exaggeration of any properties of the object.

epithets - a special trail.In the literature, they occupy a very important place, as characterized by the features of the subject: the size, color.When it comes to something animate, this trail can specify the character, appearance.

parceling - one of the means of expression syntax that allows you to focus on the desired part of the proposal with the help of separating it from the main supply.

Now you have an idea of ​​what the trail and what they are.This knowledge will be useful not only for the analysis of literary works, but also to create their own original texts.Mindful of the expressive function of tropes, you can easily vary the language of his work bizarre turns that will make it individual and unique.

So, knowing that such a path, you can create your own literary masterpieces, which are obtained most unusual and individual!