Rune Eyvaz.

Rune magic ranks fairly high.Almost every person who considers himself a magician, one way or another connected with them.This relationship can be both direct and indirect.That is why it was decided to consider in the review more runes in expanded form.

Writing in the ancient Germanic

One of the meanings of the word "runes" - the writing of the ancient Germans.But not for nothing that the root of the word - «run», which means "mystery."As symbols for writing the runes were also used in Bulgaria and Hungary.Even the ancient Slavs, believed to have been his runes.In most esoteric teachings there is this notion.And it is much more than just a word or letter.It is, rather, a cosmic principle.The ancient Germans there was a whole system of rune magic that has come to our days.

study of everything connected with magic

How to use the runes?Magee come into contact with runic forces through special postures.There is a distinct trend of yoga (the ancient Indian teachings) - runic yoga.Relations between t

he philosophy of the ancient Hindus and the ancient Nordic tradition, it would seem, is not and can not be, but at least the study Rune Yoga becomes apparent similarity of some poses from old Germanic runes.

And even now they are used for magical purposes.I do not know how to use the runes?They can guess.Magee to talk to them, ask advice, listen to them.It is believed that, wondering at the runes, the wizard connects to the information field of the planet.He can ask any questions and get answers, to see the signs, to receive warnings.Runes help understand the causes of the difficulties encountered in life.Skeptics do not believe, but it is the simplest thing you can do with runes.The lowest level of magic.

Energy power of symbols can help in the management of a reality

At the next level, learn to use the energy runic power.With it you can literally control reality.To prevent some of the events or, conversely, to initiate, accelerate and decelerate.With a picture of runes made amulets can protect and heal by acting on the human energy field.At the next level (level of combat magic) energy runes can amplify and accumulate.This energy can be both destructive and constructive action.We should not think that this "wand of Harry Potter," a toy.These practices require a high spiritual development.

At all stages necessary to ensure that the karmic law, the violation of which can result in health problems, difficulties in his personal life, etc.The highest skill required to work with the runes on a metaphysical level.Thus, it is possible the transformation of time and consciousness, the impact on the psyche, the invasion of people's energy fields.Image of a particular rune - the key to the external energy.The first six runes form the word "futhark", which literally translates as "alphabet".

What does the Rune of Ice?

Fleece Eyvaz - thirteenth rune ancient Scandinavian alphabet.Eyvaz - yew, evergreen tree, which symbolizes the infinity of time and space.

All runes can be classified as belonging to one of the five elements: earth, air, ice, fire and water.Rune Eyvaz symbolizes ice.

It is believed that the appearance of this rune predicts difficulties at divination, incomprehensible situation, problems and stagnation, a pause in all endeavors.Magee higher level believe that this is not true.The appearance of the runes Frost says that begins the formation of a new structure (most likely, a new idea).Pause seems prolonged.This is the time to think things through, to rethink.Stagnation in the affairs will be long, but it's not bad and not good.Man or take advantage of a pause, and prevent trouble or not.

Can I use runes Eyvaz achieve their goals?

runologi Some recommend the use of energy in order to achieve the most Eyvaz seemingly unreachable goals.Rune Eyvaz symbolizes the absence of human influence on his past, complete openness to the future, its main mission, purpose.There is also a connection between the runes and human health.

Eyvaz appearance of runes in the scenario suggests that we need to see a doctor, and not to anyone, and a practicing holistic approach to the body (treatment of the body as a whole rather than a set of systems and organs).If you want to be treated with homeopathy.You will need to visit a psychologist.It helps to understand themselves and understand what is the purpose, which was mentioned above.It is advisable to massage course.Runes help to understand the basic needs.For example, the rune Eyvaz says about the need for security, self-defense.Or, on the contrary, an excess of psychological brakes, internal barriers.

What can be said Rune Eyvaz?

Photos of this symbol reflects the struggle between light and darkness.More specifically, the holder of this rune will fight the negative and positive qualities which, in turn, reflect the balance between good and evil.

With runes, you can learn a person's appearance, which asks a higher power.Each rune corresponds to four features: eye color, hair, oval face, body type.This property possesses rune Eyvaz.The value of the symbol shows us a man with blue eyes, dark hair with a thin long face, slim build.Rune pulled four times.Thus, there is an approximate portrait of the one of whom asked.Reptile runes must have a special mood.Rune Eyvaz, the value of which is not entirely unambiguous, can be solved only with a serene balanced approach when completely stopped the flow of thoughts.The head should remain only a situation or question the answer to which you want to search by using runes.

No need to dream, to do!

People who are under the influence of the character, absolutely everything required to comply with the principle of honesty.And this is important not only in relation to those around them, but also to himself.If there are deficiencies, correct that a person is not going to the Fleece will cause chaos, panic.

experts who have long been working with a variety of runes, often advised to understand himself and his behavior.Only through this approach can get rid of all that is superfluous.Symbol Eyvaz able to benefit only those people who do not dream, and do - put a goal and achieve it.That is why with the help of the runes they can most effectively and quickly to realize their potential in any area of ​​human activity.

What to do if caught divination symbol Eyvaz?

If you had the rune divination Eyvaz, the value should be interpreted as follows: it is necessary to show perseverance and patience in all things.Gives up is not necessary.No doubt the necessity of certain actions, there is no escape.Obstacles appear only in order that they can be overcome.Rune Eyvaz in relations means the same thing: if you encounter any problems with your loved one, then they have to deal with, not trying to run away from responsibility.

With runes can Eyvaz:

1. Get rid of his main fear that haunts the whole life - fear of death.

2. Increase endurance and longevity.

3. Raise the sensitivity to higher planes of existence.

4. Avoid all sorts of opacity and confusion.

5. Take advantage of its potential in full.

What carries the inverted rune?

runic symbols Eyvaz in his upside down quite strongly reminiscent of soul.Besides, he does not have retroactive effect.Eyvaz able to give a person a lot of patience.The one who will use inverted rune, there steadfastness to numerous difficulties.

In that case, if you turn the symbol Eyvaz put on an amulet, it will radically affect the character of the person.It will be more prudent and cold.Media rune will gain constructive thoughts become more responsible to perform certain actions and make decisions calmly.The key to the correct choice will be inner purity.That such people should always support not only the purity of the mind, but also fortitude.

It may be a situation where the rune inverted able to do more harm to man than to help him.It's only because it does not tolerate bad and neglect in his address.

Eyvaz is a powerful means of protection and makes it possible to get closer to his goal.It should also be noted that people around the rune will be affected from the point of lock, while allowing its owner to get the full freedom of action.It can be used in all areas, regardless of whether, to what result you want to come.With it you can see the whole situation.

believe or not believe, to choose each

yourself in the magical power of runes you can believe it or not, but the esoteric knowledge come to us even through the centuries and thousands of years.All knowledge is better than ignorance.Any theory can be cleaned of impurities and magical to see there are very reasonable, useful rules of life, of thought.Gymnastics, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques - it helps with stress.Esoteric now in vogue even in connection with the crazy pace of life.Many techniques allows to find peace and tranquility just 15 minutes.And it could not confirm the magicians of any level, and ordinary people living in a completely modern cities.

Another point: unlikely resident, for example, the United States, feeling stuck, go on guessing runes.It will appeal to a shrink.Russian man is not so.He goes to a fortune-teller, sorceress, sorcerers, at best, to parapsychology.He needs a mystical component, magic.Learn to distinguish between the more cheaters, ignoramuses and people who really are spoken!We believe in God or not, still prefer, as in the famous joke, just in case, do not quarrel with him.What

carry Old Slavic characters?

At the household level, ancient Slavic runes - a symbolic system related alphabet.From them you can really make a speech, but not of all.Even for the uninitiated to use the runes in the letter - it is not just a way to transfer some specific message.Scandinavian and Slavic runes to date have been well studied.

The traditional interpretation of the Old Slavic runes represent only older series and their derivatives.Fleece - a sacred symbol that reflects the rights of communication, peace and divine energy in their indivisibility.Each represents one of the laws of the universe accessible to understanding.

All other marks and numbers, like the symbolism of the elder or the so-called creator, are not runes.They have an ancient tradition of the older characters.The main condition, which determines the runes: they do not voice, not in the letter, and in the designation of the universal sacred knowledge.

World, which carried a rune

proved that the Earth, which was inhabited by the Slavic-Aryan tribe, used the language of runes, which began its history from older characters.However, after the Baptism of Russia and the elimination of all forms of pagan them there is little information.The most fully studied only the so-called Vendian order runes.They are based on the traditions of the Elders of the tribes, and eighteen runes are divided into three groups of six pieces each.Ancient Runes are used in everyday life, and for rituals and divination.

in the outlook of the Slavs energy runes reflected in everyday trinity of divine power.It is the unity of opposites: life - death, the order - chaos and people - a warrior.Such a force its way in a changing balance of these two forces.According to legend, the Slavs gave rune god Veles.

ancient Slavic runes - creating sets

set is usually made of wood or bark.The best option is considered birch, which is tightly connected with the spirit of the people of the Slavs.The wood must be smooth, dry and free from defects.

main principles

ideal time of creation - Morning, Dawn, New Moon.Cut image of a rune, should begin to paint.Symbols can be identified by numerous pictures and photos.It is believed that it is necessary to use your own blood.This is the ideal color for the runes, allowing to create a stronger bond with the person.This radical method is optional.Suffice ordinary paint or stain.

Natural colored runes can be made from egg yolks.They should mix well with any bright red juice.Then the resulting mass is needed to put a fine brush to cut fleece.

ancient Slavic runes and their values ​​

Slavic runes - young characters that were donated to the god Veles and ancestors.According to legend, they came together with the universe as a reflection of its inviolable laws.Fleece - Guide to the subtleties of the laws of the universe.The interpretation of a series of runes - hard work.Here we must not only take into account the value of each character, but also the correct understanding of the situation in a particular scenario.What are runes?Below are the names of ancient symbols and their meaning.

Runes symbolize the human principle, protection from evils

there are enough original rune - Mother Goddess.Absolute female incarnation, symbolizing the beginning of the Slavs.Also there Givet - lifeline.Rune Houde - a symbol of the God-man, the perfect male energy.Presented as a god with horns and insatiable sexual prowess.It was believed that the amulet with the image Ud increases the power of men.Rune Dazhdbog symbolizes ancient ritual fertilization.Also, the rituals were carried out in order to harvest was great.Rune Chernobog - the incarnation of God, the ruler who was always in the shade.It helps detect deep hidden forces.

powerful symbol of contributing to the development of inner strength

Fleece Rainbow - the sacred bridge between worlds.It protects diplomats, giving the right advice and guidance on the road of life.Rune Krada embodies the world of fire, symbolizing the need for the development of spirituality.There Rune is responsible for the physical needs.

Rune Rock symbolizes power, tough action defined by the gods.It is not a Roman Fate from which there is no escape, and the great law of nature, according to which man should live.Rune of Necessity implies adherence to their own views and order, setting a goal and trying to understand what hinders us.Man is aware of the inevitability, but this knowledge is applied in their own interests.

Strength, power, energy - all of it is typical for the Slavic runes

Rune Source - the gradual accumulation of power.Signals that the external conditions are not ripe, the inner "I" is not ready for a change, time for action has not yet come.Rune of Strength - a sign of irony, the union of opposites.It is a cyclic natural processes, critical situation, when two energies merge and complement each other.Rune Support - shamanic trance consciousness connection with other parts of the "I", and then the universe itself.Runa of Perun - imperious connection with the absolute power of male power, control.It helps to translate the control power of the heavens.

protection rights, a chance to overcome the obstacles

Required runes - god of sacrifice: sacrifice clearing looming burden of wealth, knowledge, talent, career and other such things.Rune Keeper - an incarnation of the goddess, women mezhdumir'e, custodian, who guards the road between the other world and the world of the living.Traditionally it protects all Slavic tribes, young mothers.

Wind Rune - the image of the divine pleasure, the ability to cope with the obstacles in its path, where the death - only one of the stages of life.Rune White god - the desire for a higher purpose.In Slavic mythology, it belongs to the genus of the oldest of all the gods, who have power over knowledge that determine the kind of force.This knowledge accumulates with each new generation to best achieve the ultimate goal, the sublime way of life at the expense of human self.

The list does not end with the runes.It is quite large.Therefore, if a person wants to find a way out of any situation by the runes, he will need to carefully approach the selection of a particular character.Good luck!