How to determine the size of children's shoes at the age of

Select shoes for your child - it is very responsible.For parents, the size of children's shoes in age will be easier to just pick up, if they are to navigate the main criteria and parameters.Quality shoes, of course, plays an important role for the emerging gait and the baby's health,

but it is necessary to observe compliance with the size of children's shoes.Natural materials, high-quality seams and manufacturer, trustworthy - these are important aspects, but not the most basic.The child, first of all, you need to feel comfortable.

how to select parents

Everyone knows that children grow up very quickly.During the first years of a child does not replace a pair of shoes.Despite this, it should be good and quality.Most parents want to buy shoes from reputable manufacturers.Many of them are foreign.So often a mismatch size of children's shoes.Each country has its own scale of measurement, which are guided by the manufacturers.

Parents kids have to make measurements of the feet or rely on their

visual perception that often leads to errors.Take the baby for a fitting can be very difficult, so you have to trust their own measurements.

What not to do when buying shoes

Very often, making the choice, parents allow various errors.The size of children's shoes in age from different companies and producing countries is very different.It often happens that errors occur in the measurement legs at home (if the shoes bought for the first time) or if the sample (do not measure it, and take for granted the specified size in the boot).

main mistakes parents

parents who are trying to figure out the size of the child, often make similar mistakes:

  1. meryaya selected shoes, ask the child about comfort.Often the children's choice of shoes can be stressful, so they can produce fuzzy or untruthful answers.In addition, very young babies can not understand what to mom or dad.The child may prefer a color, shape, saying that it is comfortable and pleasant.
  2. When buying shoes parents applied to the leg to determine the size of children's shoes in age.Depending on the type, the species, the outer limits of shoe insoles and soles may differ drastically.Nor should children's shoe sizes in centimeters rely on the sole.It is better to check the dimensions of the insole or just to wear it on the child.
  3. During fitting many try to check the distance between the heel and the back of the shoe, or to feel your fingers in front.This is not entirely correct, that as a child in the process of fitting the fingers can bend or she simply will not allow shoes to determine the location of the toe and heel.

Sizes - a top aide in the selection of shoes

To help parents set up a special table, which presents children's shoe sizes in centimeters.In this table has an average size of the foot in centimeters, which corresponds to a certain age.But the choice of a child's age, it does not make measurements of the foot, too, should not, as not all children fit the standard parameters.

And the size of children's shoes Russian is very different from the European or American version.Therefore correspondence table size shoes for children is suitable for the transfer of one parameter to the other shoe.

count in centimeters foot starts from 9.5.The difference between the amounts received by Russian and European standards is one unit.That is, for example, children as young as three years old have a stack of 16 centimeters, which corresponds to the Russian standard size 26, whereas the European size with the same foot is 27.

What shtihmassovaya system

undoubtedly help identify children's shoe sizes tableage which indicates the average.But you can also use shtihmassovoy system.Many parents, when they found that the sole of the shoe can not be a good pick shoes, come to a different decision.Take a piece of paper, put his foot on the child and encircle it.

Painted foot measuring line from the biggest finger to the heel.That number, which is obtained in centimeters will be the size of the child's legs.In the same way, in most post-Soviet countries measured the dimensions of manufactured shoes.

In European countries and in America, decided to use shtihmassovuyu system to measure the child's foot.The size of children's shoes in age calculate by equating the system Stich.Each pair of shoes is marked corresponding to the length insoles.It is measured in Stich.One such Stich is two to three centimeters.

small subtleties in the choice of children's shoes

seasonal buying shoes for your child, it is necessary to understand that he will grow out of it very quickly, so take it back to back is not necessary.Always have a small reserve in size - approximately one tenth of a millimeter.

measuring foot baby, be sure to take measurements while standing.The weight of the body is greater than the foot, so the weight measurements will be incorrect.Normally, one leg may be slightly longer than the other.It should take this into account.It is best to try shoes on the wrong feet, which is more.When buying winter shoes required reserve in half a centimeter, for the summer - one centimeter.