How to revive the toy and to please your child?

How to revive the toy really, or breathe new life into it?How to make your child's favorite toy to continue his delight kids and bring laughter to your apartment.Consider a few options, not related to the experiments of Dr. Frankenstein.


Have your child have a favorite stuffed animal?Or maybe you have a child was so and would like to pass it by inheritance?But what if it is heavily worn out and lost clumps fur inside, and it kind of put it mildly, not in the condition?How to revive a soft toy and return it to last a few more years?

offers the first solution to the problem.To do this, you will need several meters of line, a pair of wooden sticks, small hooks 5 and 5 buttons.

  1. First cobble together sticks crosswise.
  2. at each end of the bar and in their crosshairs attach hooks.
  3. cut off from the fishing line 5 pieces.Measure the height Toys (let it be X).Their length should be approximately as follows.One segment length of 0.5 ~ 0.7 meters.Another two lengths - 0.5 + X / 2.And the last
    length of 0.5 + X. On one end of each piece of fishing line primatyvaem button.For changes to the site can drip glue.
  4. Take an old stuffed toy.Gently along the seam ripper ends paw / hand toys and crown.At the end of the line inserted into the hole with the buttons.To the top - the shortest in the "hands" - average lengths and "feet" - the longest.
  5. sutured.

Thus, we get a kind of puppet theater, which is controlled by a fishing line.Of course, it requires some skill and ability to control it, but for the sake of their child is learning and such.

doll on hand

How to revive the toy, really valuable for the child, but lived out his life?As is clear from the subtitle here is to show imagination and show their sewing skills.

If doll small size, you can simply cut the bottom half.Of course, so that the child does not see this process.Carefully make a small hole on the inside under your fingers so that they can be threaded through the neck and hand puppets.

Or you can rip the doll's back seam and sew the zipper on it.Thus, you can embed a toy hand for a "revival".In order not to lose the padding, just try to replace it with foam or create a second layer of "skin" that will separate your hand from the packing material toys.

Merry swimming

Another way of how to revive the toy.In any children's store you can buy toys loofah.You should not be confused with ordinary children washcloths, made in the form of children's favorite characters.Made in a variety of characters, these sponges are placed on the hand.In addition to the fairly banal options can be found with his hands washcloth.So you can spread wide and his hand, driving limbs toys, play with your baby.Also in the form of a game it will be easier for the child to soap, afraid of not loving to swim.


There is nothing stronger than the desire of children, especially the hidden under the New Year.If your child really wants to "live" toy, not stingy and not too lazy to show imagination, because the happiness of your child will depend on the happiness of the whole family.If you can not use the above methods, go to the store.Oh, how to revive the toy, they know.All kinds of talk, controlled from the remote or mobile phones, flying toys - you will have plenty to choose from.Modern manufacturers provides them the opportunity to buy their child interactive toy that responds to the environment or to the interface installed in your mobile phone.

These tips should help you in creating "revived" toys for your child.The main thing is that this toy is not replaced him real friends, and live communication with peers, as it was in the movie "Ted."These children do not need toys.