Biography Lyudmila Putina: portrait of the ex-wife of Russian President

special role in the political structure of the state public assigns to people close to the president.In particular, the first lady.In Russia, it has recently been Lyudmila Putin.Biography of this beautiful woman has more than five years of successful wearing this title.But not so simple in the Russian "kingdom": yesterday the First Lady of the country is already added to his title the prefix "ex".The couple divorced Putins.As stated by the famous couple, Lyudmila Alexandrovna tired of being in the spotlight and wanted peace and privacy.

What a childhood fraught

Before the first time to appear before the Russians as the president's wife, the woman went a long way, half of which - together with her husband.

biography Lyudmila Putina (before marriage Shkrebneva) is rooted in the Jan. 2, 1958.It was in the year of the Taiwan crisis in Kaliningrad was born a wonderful girl.Parents Lyudmila were ordinary workers.My mother worked all her life as a cashier.Dad was also a part of the team Kaliningrad mech

anical-repair factory.

Secondary education girls get in a very famous school: its walls have published Oleg Gazmanov and Lada Dance.At the same desk with the latter, by the way, I sat youngest sister Lyudmila - Olga.School biography Lyudmila Putina full of bright events.Otlichnitsa school, factory, friendly and cheerful girl was always in the spotlight.She successfully participated in the social and artistic life of the institution.Enthusiastically played in theater productions, concerts and zealously worked at various events.Friends and Ludmila believed that it will achieve great success on the stage: the girl dreamed of becoming an actress.

steps into adulthood

However, contradicting their aspirations, a young girl entered the Kaliningrad Technical University.Where, having studied for two years and did not find his vocation, he went on his own initiative.

Employment History Lyudmila Putina has several professions.She worked as a postman, a nurse in a hospital and even a turner at the factory.After a short time she even directed the drama club at the House of Pioneers.First there was a fateful turn in her life at the concert Arkady Raikin, held in Leningrad House of rest.It was 1981.That was when Ludmila first met her future husband.

marriage for the future president

order to be near his beloved (Vladimir Vladimirovich while he studied in Leningrad), she said goodbye to the dream of the theater.She decides to stay in the northern capital, and to go to university at philological department.In 1983, the couple ties the knot.

After a while, biography Lyudmila Putina starts a new page entitled "Germany."There husband of the heroine is sent for three years on a business trip.The couple returned to their homeland in 1990.At the same time, Lyudmila became a teacher of foreign languages ​​at Leningrad State University.

In 1993, a woman's life changed dramatically: after a severe car accident, she turned her attention to God.It is worth noting that the high positions that have ever been occupied and occupies the former husband of Ludmila, never is a way for the woman to show off to the public.The First Lady has always been absolutely non-public person and could safely walk the streets without fear of being found out.

in 2013 was shocked by all the event - the presidential couple's divorce.Now the status of women was added the prefix "ex".By this fact very comfortable with Lyudmila Putin.Biography, family and personal life have remained private.The absence of any pitfalls quickly knocked the public interest in the event.Although high politics, I must say, the presidential couple a divorce - it is very unusual.


during the marriage (almost 30 years) the couple had two beautiful daughters - Catherine and Maria.The first was born in Leningrad in 1985.The second - in Dresden.Girls named after the grandmothers.Both are fluent in German.For a long time live separately from their parents.