Information for users of social networks: how do you know who wrote on ''s answers "

"Ask. Py" is by far one of the most popular entertainment services.The number of its members from year to year only increases.Many of them are interested in answer to the question: "How do you know who wrote on the" Ask.RU"?"We recommend you review the contents of this article.

Site Features

How do you know who wrote on the ", "we will talk about later.In the meantime, let's look at the functionality of this website.

The main purpose of social networks - is communication between people living in different cities and countries." "serves as an additional source of information.By using this service you will be able to learn a lot about your friends, acquaintances and relatives.Ask them questions openly or anonymously.

Search for friends and acquaintances

What you need to do to start using the site?The first step is to register.As social networks, here login and password.We fill in the personal details and upload a photo of the specified format.Half way has already been passed.

Now you can use the search.Enter the names of their friends and relatives.The system will find them quickly if they are registered on the "Ask.RU".To find out who wrote to you the message will be easy.Next to the text is displayed picture albums, as well as his nickname indicates the system.


site developers make every effort to further development of the resource.Their main task - to provide users with a comfortable environment for communication.The site is designed in accordance with the latest trends in social networks and process.Already today Russians can evaluate new features.One of them is the creation of a list of "Selected Users".

Recently available personalization page.What does it offer?The user can decorate the page to your liking: make a colored background, upload any photo from your computer, use the supplied special effects.

How do you know who wrote on the " "anonymous

registering on this resource, one must understand that in his address will arrive tricky questions.Sometimes, they are offensive.In this regard, the question arises of how to find out who wrote to "Ask.RU".After all this is done anonymously.

various sites and portals offer their help in exposing people sending tricky and hard-hitting questions.Who can hide under anonymous?A friend, neighbor or someone from the family?This uncertainty and the usual curiosity literally maddening.As a result, a person decides to appeal to the "helpers."

You must remember: there is no such program, which would allow senders to declassify anonymous questions.Sites offering their assistance, just want to get access to your account, then to use it for criminal purposes.

Do not download programs to your computer questionable.They may contain dangerous viruses.Here is another example.Recently, scammers began to distribute a program that asks for a cell phone number.A few minutes later it comes to SMS.Once the user sends a reply message, all the money from his balance will be automatically transferred to fraudsters.

your desire to find the author of a provocative question is justified.However, anonymous users are protected by the site administration.The average person would not be able to expose them." "guarantees complete anonymity.And based on this resource.If everyone could know who is asking him tough questions, the site would have long since closed.

In conclusion

question of how to find out who wrote to " "was dropped by itself.The site guarantees complete anonymity of participants.So do not look for special programs.Their distributors are mostly crooks.