ROFL - an abbreviation that means and how to be aware of the latest trends on the internet?

The fact that the Internet is a new culture of communication, known to many.This is evident in such things as new memes, different heroes and characters that make fun and mention the millions.The effect of the emergence of a culture no one investigated, as this phenomenon is relatively new.But the experienced Internet users can make certain conclusions and independently (especially ROFL abbreviation that means they know how, and other cuts, phrases and their meaning).

where new memes?

So saying, in what areas often appear new characters, phrases and expressions, we should mention the different major communities as well as online games.Speaking of the first, it is important to emphasize that this can be forums, social networking sites are one narrow niche in which "lives" its audience.Terms like ROFL (that means the reduction, we will examine later) went from here.Later they spread through the network and "settled down" in the slang of millions of people.

Another thing - the game on the Internet.Th

ey are more common than community because here comes more people.And such phrase, again, like ROFL (what it means to "DotA 2" is the word, as in any other online game, we also describe below) apply to them as active, even though they brought them, perhaps from the forumsand blogs.

It does not matter who it invented any trend, a character or a word - it's all on the network survives and grows in popularity as a snowball.

most common

So, let's talk about the most common.We have already mentioned the fact that there is such a word as ROFL.What does this abbreviation?It's very simple - a sentence reduction rolling on floor laughing (ie "rolling on the floor with laughter" when literally).Obviously, it is used to show how ridiculous the source turned out to be.You see, it's simple!Besides him, there are memes and jokes.For example, LOL (laughing out loud - loud laughter) and many others.

How to be "in the know"?

How do I know all these cuts?How to be aware of the fact that there is such a thing as ROFL, which means it is and when it can be applied?The answer is obvious - you just need to immerse themselves in the online environment, for example, regularly go to any entertainment portal, forum, or to play online.Then you'll really know if not all, of the most popular and consumed trends.