Customs clearance of cars - a delicate matter

People who had to be imported into Russia bought a car abroad, know that customs clearance cars - it is very troublesome and costly.It is clear the position of our state tries a last effort to save the domestic auto industry.But it is not always clear why this should be done at the expense of their citizens.
Customs clearance vehicle - is the procedure of legalization acquired abroad "Iron Horse" by paying customs duties.So, the customs duties in this procedure is the most interesting because they make today is quite an impressive amount.Customs clearance of cars has its own quirks that should definitely take into account, because the customs, no one will stand on ceremony.

First, Russia can bring in the car just over 3 and 5 years younger.Attention!Age of the machine is counted from the date of manufacture and not from the date of sale.This is very important when the machine is purchased boundary age.It is better to focus on the cars four years.Then it is difficult to make a mistake.One piece of advi

ce: to buy a car to choose the most reliable in Germany.This country is very strict about the concealment of defects and twisting speedometer.Therefore, there is a high enough guarantee buy a really good car.

Second, the amount of customs duties depends on the size of the engine.The data are given in the table is the current tariffs for 2013.With the entry of Russia into the WTO rastomozhka cars fell slightly last year, it was more expensive.But rejoice too early, because that part of the amount that is now nedobirayut as customs fees, our valiant officers replaced recycling.This tax currently looks very confusing, because the utilization in Russia - something quite mysterious.

size of customs duties

cost 1smᵌ



0,85 €

1000 smᵌ

850 €

1 €

1000-1500 smᵌ

from 1000 to 1500 €

1,5 €

1500-1800 smᵌ

from 2250 to 2700 €

1,75 €

1800-2300 smᵌ

from 3150 to 4025 €

2 €

2300-3000 smᵌ

from 4600 to 6000 €

2,25 €

3000 smᵌ

from 6750 €

Now about the design.Customs clearance of cars in Russia, according to the law in the following manner.All machines are made at the border.The car is issued only to a person crossing the border, and having stamped in their passport (this is important, without this level of customs clearance of the vehicle is not possible).The machine is placed on the parking lot for temporary storage, and the future owner is sent to the customs office, where he has to pay customs fee, recycling fee, fill out a customs declaration.

Another important point.The Russian will be given a registration certificate is not without environmental certification.To obtain this document, you need a copy of the original data sheets of the machine turn to the appropriate authority (its location to get to know in advance, otherwise the machine just will not give up).

So at customs include: civilian and a passport, driving license, receipts for payment of customs duty and recycling, environmental certification, the original registration certificate, customs declaration.That's all there was a customs clearance cars, the car can be put on the account in GBDD, this must be done within 5 working days.