Names of spring flowers (photo, description)

just begins to disappear snow, and already there are first spring flowers in the garden.They are looking forward to a lot of people because they are the beginning of spring decoration.


Of course, it is impossible to list all the names of spring flowers.It opens our list of snowdrop.This plant is not capricious, it begins to please their colors, when there is still snow sparkles.

snowdrop Propagation can be done by seed or bulb.The flowers appear white in the third year after planting.

If a person conceived to transplant the bulbs, this should be done after flowering is over.But some gardeners believe that the best time for transplanting is August.


names of spring flowers lily of the valley fill up.They grow only in the forest, near the bushes there where a lot of moisture.The plant belongs to the lily family.I am glad it has its beauty for many years, as a perennial.

However, lily of the valley and planted in the garden.It is better to plant in autumn.The soil should be fe

rtilized, it is necessary to make sure that was not bent root.

There are various early spring flowers, their names are different, as well as caring for them.But lily unpretentious.The only thing he needs is moist soil.In such an environment it will please their colors.This plant has developed roots.Because of this it is able to survive other plants, bushes and trees just beyond him.Therefore, growers do not recommend planting lily of the valley, along with other colors.


If we talk about onion spring flowers (name of variety), should not forget about the crocuses.They are many types, each of which has the shape and color of the petals.They should be transplanted in the summer.The main thing that was neutral soil acidity.The place is going to put the plant should be sunny.

crocus flowers begin to be seen at a time when there is snow.Especially beautiful it looks when the plants planted in groups.


lists the names of spring flowers, you can not forget about Scilla.This bulbous plant.During the growing season the bulb constitutes about 4 children.They were separated and transplanted.In prolesok appear beautiful bluish color.This plant is often planted on the lawns, under shrubs.It is able to create an extremely beautiful view.


name list each of the first spring flowers, it should be noted that none of them can compare to the beauty of flowering hyacinths.Propagation this flower with small bulbs that appear on the adult plant several times a year.Babe appears neatly separated in the required rest period.After 2 years the plant will appreciate its extraordinary colors.

Son-grass, lesser celandine

There are still some flowers, primroses: lesser celandine, sleep-grass.They grow in meadows, dry sunny slopes.Son-grass are also grown in the garden.For this planted seeds.Dig a plant in the forest does not take root, withered.Seeds will germinate well in the ground, where there is the presence of peat, sand and fertilizer.This flower has long brought in the Red Book, so you should take care of it.


very first spring flowers - a sign of the beginning of spring.They are distinguished by a special beauty.These plants are hazel.They have a mottled color, and the flowers hang down their umbrellas.Its easy to grow in the garden.The main thing that the place was sunny, with a breeding ground.

But grouse do not like a strong moisture.Because of this, in wet areas should be placed drainage.For the cultivation of plants in the garden it is recommended every year to dig up the bulb.

Daffodils Daffodils - is also the name of the first spring flowers.Their bloom is related to the state of the bulbs.Therefore, wishing to plant daffodils in the garden should pay attention to it when buying.The plant is in need of nutritious soil and sunlight, does not like the wind.In one place the daffodils grow about 5 years old, then they should be transplanted.They look good, if a number of other plants in bloom.

Frost and violet

spring flowers delight the eye.The names "violet" and "hellebore" familiar to many.These plants bloom among the first.

Frost - a perennial with beautiful evergreen foliage.Flowers had come in different colors appear in April.They can be:

  • white;
  • burgundy;
  • red;
  • peach, and so on. D.

This plant loves partial shade, does not tolerate wet places.But Violet stretches to the sun.Flowers in her blue-gray.

the way, is often confused with violet pechenochnitsu.It is also a spring flower, which appears mainly in the forest.Its leaves often fall asleep or needles, so the people who grow this plant in the garden, you should do the same.Pechenochnitsa grows on moist soil in the shade.


names spring flowers include Pushkin.Blooming it is very beautiful, which can not be compared with other plants.It is usually white with blue stripes.Pushkin - bulbous plant, so it propagated using bulbs.Although there are options to use seeds.If a person thought up this flower to plant in your garden, the best period for this will fall.But in the winter the plant needs a warm place, then the seedling is well preserved.

After the disappearance of the snow also appears primrose.She inflorescences very large and oblong leaves.The plant is not afraid of frost, but does not tolerate drought and wetland soil.

Daisies, lungwort

there are still some spring flowers.The names "Daisy" and "lungwort" themselves evoke positive emotions.These plants also appear in early spring.

As for daisies, they grow low, but large.Their are several varieties, but they all radiate vitality and brightness.Blooming in early May, and the buds are stored all winter.By the way, when grown in the garden during the cold period should still cover up the daisies.

But lungwort surprised her buds, since they both may be blue and pink color.This plant is long-lived, as the lives over 30 years.It germinates in the moist and fertile soils, so it is difficult to grow in the garden.

Allium Allium is called a decorative bow.The inflorescences appear on long stalks.This plant is able to decorate any part, and it is not difficult to grow.It blooms in late spring, but there are species that are pleasing to their colors in autumn.

Growing spring bulbous plants

Most plants that bloom the first - is bulbous spring flowers.Their names are listed above.Each of them has its own originality and singularity.They all grow in the wild, but over the years people began to plant the gardens, these beautiful flowers that delight the eye in the early spring.Those who wish to decorate their house building similar plants should be aware of how to grow them.

From stems bulb scales stretch in which the flowers are stocking water substances.A bulb is used for plant propagation.

Spring bulbous plant blooms in early spring.After flowering, it continues to develop, build leaves.This is to ensure that the bulb has absorbed the maximum amount of nutrients.These plants have a period of rest, when all the leaves wither.

One of the earliest flowers are tulips.They are most often used for planting in gardens, parks, squares.

Tulips Tulips

like illuminated areas, which do not get wind, where there are no drafts.This plant grows well in areas of direct sunlight hits.For it pleased for its amazing colors, the sun should shine on it, more than half of the day.From the lack of light bulbs in the plant are small and fragile and delicate blossoms.

Tulip needs feeding, then it will grow healthy and beautiful.It should be:

  • after the emergence of the tulip;
  • during the emergence of buds;
  • during flowering.

Of course, if the fall bears a dressing, it can not continue to exercise.

tulips to bloom, you want to dig up the bulbs every year, when the leaves have turned yellow.They must be stored in a dry place, pre-clearing the ground.To bulbs do not rot, in a place where it is put at the bottom of the poured sand.Tulips are planted at a depth of 3 bulbs.

Spring flowers, listed in the Red Book

Every spring, after the snow begins to melt, there are the first spring flowers.But some of them are on the verge of extinction because of this they have brought in the Red Book.They were prohibited from ripping, buy and sell, as primroses in danger.Many people do not pay attention to it, gather bunches of flowers in the woods.This applies to snowdrops, lily of the valley.You can visit the forest and just admire these colors.Under particular threat are snowdrops.About them even for a long time created various legends.

also disappears peony Heavy-duty.Even 50 years ago, it was to be found in early spring throughout the country.Flowers painted it burgundy color, it grew in the meadows, in the Black Sea regions, on the slopes of high mountains.The plant grows in groups, and the people and began to pluck the flowers whole bouquets.Gradually its population decreased.Now peony rarely seen, often it appears on the Black Sea coast.

to similar flowers include yellow iris, which also blooms in spring.Incidentally, it is even used in perfumery.But it also reduces the number of, so it is worth to take care of the first spring flowers.