Skill - is the development of automaticity

Most thinking people have already heard that the skills are more important than knowledge (thanks infobiznesmenam for total awareness).But for some reason they do not write, what skill.This ability to work in semi-automatic mode, without thinking for a long time on each step in the process.Skill is acquired only with practical exercises.

Abandoned flexibility?

People differ in their learning.Some believe that it depends on the age.But this is not true: it depends on the plasticity of the psyche.And this quality is only partly innate.Most often, a little grown up, man forbids himself to bring (the apt statement of psychologist Kozlov).If you're fighting for the right not to listen to criticism, your learning is rapidly falling.

the Phase

Formation of skills goes through several stages.At first you do not know and do not notice, do not know how.On the second you already see, when made a mistake, but not before.In the third, you are aware of the process and know how to avoid mistakes.On the

fourth - the process goes to automatic level, saving the resources of your psyche.They say there is the fifth stage - the opportunity to learn and those who do not know.Knowledge and skills are transferred fairly easily if you know very well and know how to anything.

Curiosity obligatory

What is required to get the hang?It is not easy, if the person refuses to be curious.Of course, much depends on the type of mentality, and the current emotional state.The best method to make success impossible, even if just to name a dull affair.All you now will be difficult.Although this can be overcome, if we divide the case into pieces and quickly deal with it.But the quality will suffer.So do not call things boring.

May each

second tactic success - look for role models.That is, people who already know how to do what you're trying to learn.Skill - this is not an exceptional phenomenon.The sports schools teach that done by one person can be done by any other.Any.This is a sport where people for the sake of one centimeter record working for decades, but not everyone is a star.What can we say about ordinary people whose lives productive work which brings the best fruit?

System approach

important to have feedback, without it is quite difficult to get the hang of.It is only in Hollywood lone hero he learns everything.In fact, the need to interact with some learning system.It will give you two important things: motivation and information.The second is more important, as the motivation problem can be solved in another way.Your system may become courses, universities or just specific people.Do not believe when people proudly declares that the self-made man.He made the people he found and which has managed to please.

Do not give up

very much depends on whether you are able to learn from mistakes.Important insistence that in some experiments was measured in minutes spent by a person on the decision in principle unsolvable problem.Are you sure you are on the scale of the test would be at the top of this indicator?If not, practice and learn to focus on the task.Do not be scare of complexity.