Protection of the thesis, or five minutes to an expert

Protection of degree work - it's probably the most exciting and important moment.And no matter you wrote yourself diploma or ordered, to address the Commission will still have.Often graduate this procedure seems to be something unpleasant and frightening.In fact, it all depends on how you prepare.

Many graduates are guided to the defense of the thesis of the old practices and start to prepare for the last night.And in vain!All that could make for a graduation project, you have already done.Therefore it is better, relax, go to bed early.Yes, you may not be able to sleep, but that's no reason to cram.The student, who slept 2-3 hours, can forget everything he knew by heart, his thoughts are confused, and eventually released absurdity.And we do not want.Therefore, a few hours before the defense review again their work.That will be quite enough to brush up on some basic points.The following advice is also very useful if you are afraid to forget something.

necessary to write a report for the protection o

f the thesis.Its definitely need to talk, not read.Otherwise, the Commission considers it of the banal lack of preparation and lack of respect and appreciation because you can not see.

tighten too, should not, prepare a 3-4 leaves, which succinctly reflect the relevance of the chosen theme, goals and objectives, the findings for each chapter, and, finally, your practical contribution.

Protection thesis involves "tricky" questions from the committee members.Typically, this question strictly on the subject of your degree project, and therefore the answers you need to know exactly.If it is not, do not rush to say, "I do not know."It is better to pull time and thanked the teachers for such an interesting question.In the meantime, try to find a logical answer.If very tight, do not panic and smoothly move the subject.

you need to be sure.Keep your back straight, speak loudly and clearly.If someone of the teachers have a strained relationship, or are you just afraid of it, try not to look at it or think of some funny a funny incident that was on his pair.This will help to distract from winding evil thoughts.

Pay special attention to their appearance.Protection of the thesis - a formal event, so ideal for young men to be a classic suit, and for girls - strict dress or a blouse with a skirt and shoes with a low heel.Hair, clothing and shoes must be clean.Girls can make a "tail" or a simple installation.Makeup should not be provocative, it is perfect everyday option.

Remember that you represent not only his thesis project, but also himself as a future graduate that the employer is the personification of the whole university.

If you are still afraid, and some points remain unclear, we recall that there is a overcurrent, in which you can work.They usually take place one week before the scheduled date.Is there only representatives of the dean's office and academic leaders who will tell everything in detail and show an example of the protection of the thesis.

Well, we in turn wish you good luck!And we hope that the defense of the thesis will take place quickly, and the preparations for it will be appreciated.