How to cook delicious cakes in haste

Among quick and easy homemade meals include bread cakes in haste.Their cooking does not take much for an inexperienced cook and housekeeper too experienced and do deems process for the rest.

cake can replace bread during dinner, and can be a separate dish.In Russia, we have long loved the cakes with pripёkom - our semblance of Italian pizza.As used pripёka cereals, jams, pickles, boiled meat and fish, vegetables and fried mushrooms.In this article we will talk about the test and how to improve the taste of cakes using butter, flour and seeds from different plants, and learn how to start doing the most simple and affordable - wheat tortillas.

dough cakes can be bought in the store, but you can prepare yourself.Moreover, it can be made in advance and frozen until the appropriate time.

cooking simple test

Flat breads hastily unleavened unleavened dough made from flour, water and salt.Sprinkle flour on the table slide, make an indentation on the top.It turned out like a volcano with a crater.The cra

ter is deepening, sprinkle salt and pour a little water.Water gently mix the flour, making the rotational movement with a spoon inside the crater.Gradually interfere with the flour from the sides of the crater.When the dough becomes so thick that a spoon would not be turned, begin kneading by hand.The test is finished when no longer stick to the hands.Wrap it in plastic wrap and place in refrigerator for 25-30 minutes.This is to ensure that it has stabilized.

Ingredients for the dough:

- wheat flour - 5-6 cups;

- boiled water at room temperature - 1 cup;

- Salt - a pinch.

number of ingredients conventionally.It includes flour for rolling out dough.Flour can be different gluten, however is not afraid to pour if necessary.

survive Roll out the dough into a sausage and divide into equal parts, one hundred grams each.Sprinkle flour on the table and roll a rolling pin one piece.The thinner the better.2-3 millimeters - the most optimal for the fresh tortillas.With the plate template, cut dough round cake.To cake during cooking is not too swollen, pierce it all over the surface with a fork.

Fry tortillas in a hurry on a hot refined oil.For 2-3 minutes on each side.Especially tasty are obtained on peanut cakes, mustard oil on walnut oil or grapeseed.

Recipe with potato stuffing

Flat breads in a hurry can be done with a thin double layer.To do this, two identical pieces of dough are rolled in tortillas.In the middle of one, departing from the edge of 3 cm, a thin layer is put one tablespoon of filling.The edges of the cakes are lubricated with egg white.This cake is put on another and pressed while smoothing voids.On the perimeter pressed carefully.

stuffed potato:

- clean one head of onions, chopped and fry in vegetable oil;

- 400-500 grams of clean raw potatoes, boil and mash into a puree;

- mix the fried onions and potatoes, add salt to taste.

The stuffing can be added spicy green - chopped dill, parsley or celery.

kefir dough

Flat breads in a hurry you can cook with poppy seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin, sunflower, caraway and amaranth.

4-5 cups flour and one cup of yogurt knead the dough.Stir the dough a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of seeds.Allow the dough to stand for half an hour.Now you can roll out and bake.Oven delicious cakes in haste is not necessarily to the oil.Faster and easier to do it in the oven.Preheat the oven, place on a baking sheet baking paper, and on it - cake.Perforate fork and bake for 10 minutes at 220 degrees.

Recipe with cheese

with kefir dough can be baked delicious cheese cakes in haste.Three options:

first option, with kefir dough in the oven.Hard cheese cut into cubes, with sides approximately 1 cm, gently intervenes in the dough.Baked as usual at 220 degrees for 10 minutes.

second option, with cheese filling.Roll out two identical cakes.Hard cheese is rubbed on a coarse grater and is put in the middle of a tortilla, about a tablespoon.Edge tortillas smeared with egg white.On the cake with cheese is put another, carefully pressed and pierced with a fork.To make a larger plane on the cake to be rolled with a rolling pin.In order not to tear the dough and squeeze cheese, hard on the rolling pin does not push.

third option, a cheese grit.Roll the cake, pierce it with a fork and sprinkle with grated cheese.

To salt dough is not necessary.This task is completed cheese.

What bring to the table and how to keep slim figure

Flat breads are very tasty with warm milk.This is a good and a hearty dinner.Cakes served to meat or fish broth.They are good with a salad of fresh vegetables.Cakes can be taken on the road.Then their nice drink tea from a thermos.

wheaten cakes really get involved is not necessary.This may badly affect the FIG.Therefore, the test should be done not only from the flour and buckwheat, rye, oats, barley, amaranth, or a mixture thereof.