Environmental monitoring: what it is and how it is carried out

Powerful urbanization of recent years has led to the fact that humanity was on the verge of this ecological disaster.There is not enough clean water and air, as well as food not contaminated with harmful substances of various kinds.And because conservation, an important element is the monitoring of the environment is becoming increasingly a priority in almost all developed countries.

What is it?Simply put, such monitoring - a system of interconnected system of activities at constant fulfillment of which scientists have obtained information about the current status of specific ecological systems, and can timely detect signs of beginning in a given biocenosis disturbances.

And every year is becoming increasingly important not only classical monitoring of the environment, as its variant, which studies the human impact on the environment.Particularly relevant this control near large cities, which have a disastrous impact on the environment.

Do not assume that all of these activities are presented on

ly two measurements.As already mentioned, environmental monitoring - a system of measurement.Control the air cleanliness;Scientists take samples of specific rainfall or snow;also were taken for analysis samples from the ponds.

is important and radiological monitoring of soil, air and water, as well as the background monitoring the general state of the biosphere.Thus, environmental monitoring enables comprehensive control of quality of the human nature and to take timely measures to eliminate identified hazards.

It should be noted that the verification of the environment in relation to the air should be carried out on a daily basis, where is the development of industrial production.

particularly important to determine whether there is in the air dangerous substances such as hydrogen sulfide, formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen.They can cause loss of so-called acid rain, which is constantly suffer from major cities.

Equally important is the monitoring of the environment, aimed at studying precipitation.The sediments near major industrial centers necessarily measured levels of lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic.Any excess of the maximum allowable concentrations of them can lead to serious health problems among the local population.

Accordingly, analyzes of soils near the industrial cities is also important.

Such studies are carried out annually, for monitoring as determined by the extent of soil contamination with heavy metals.

In light of the relatively recent developments in Japan and in the Primorsky region of paramount importance acquired environmental monitoring, related to the measurements of radiation activity.

Summing up, we can say that the prevention of environmentally hazardous situations depends largely on the correct and timely collection of measurements, which in time can warn of the danger.