The environmental problems of the world

Environmental issues can be called a number of factors, meaning the degradation of the surrounding environment.Often they are caused directly by human activity.As the industry had problems directly related to the imbalance, previously set in an ecological environment that are difficult to compensate.

environmental problems of the world are varied.Today the situation in the world is that we are in a critical condition, close to collapse.Among global environmental problems can be noted such as:

- the destruction of thousands of species of animals and plants, the increase in the number of endangered species;

- reduction of mineral reserves and other vital resources;

- the destruction of the forest;

- pollution and drainage of the world's oceans;

- violation of the ozone layer, which protects us from radiation from space;

- air pollution, lack of fresh air in some areas;

- pollution of the natural landscape.

Today, almost no surface on which have not been artificially created human elements.T

he undeniable and the pernicious influence of man on nature as a consumer.The error is that the world around us is not only a source of wealth and a variety of resources.The man lost a philosophical attitude to nature as the mother of all living.

problems of our time lies in the fact that we did not bring a love of nature and care about her.Man as a being in itself selfish, creates the conditions for their own comfort, breaking and ruining nature.We do not think that thereby harming themselves.It is for this reason that today it is necessary to pay special attention not so much to deal with environmental problems as the education of man as part of nature.

environmental problems initially shared by the level of their scope for regional, local and global.An example of a local problem can be called a factory that does not clean wastewater before discharge to make a river, and thus contaminates water and destroys the organisms that inhabit in that water.Talking about the regional problems, as an example, the well-known situation in Chernobyl.The tragedy has affected the lives of thousands of people as well as animals and other biological organisms that previously lived in the area.Finally, global issues - those critical situations that affect the entire population of the planet and can be deadly for millions of us.

environmental problems of the world today require immediate solutions.First, as mentioned above, it is necessary to pay attention to the human factor.Once in harmony with nature, people will not treat it solely as consumers.Next, you need to take some measures on the general greening.This will require the development of new environmentally friendly technologies in the workplace and at home, we need environmental impact assessment of all new projects, it requires the creation of non-waste production closed cycle.

Returning to the human factor, it is worth mentioning that this does not interfere, and the ability to save, limit yourself.Reasonable consumption of resources such as energy, water, gas, and so on. D. Can save the planet from their shortcomings.It is necessary to know and remember that at the time, until you have the tap flowing clean fresh water, some countries suffer from drought, and the population of these countries is dying from a lack of fluid.

environmental problems of the world can and must be addressed.Remember that the safety of natural and healthy future of the planet depends solely on us!Of course, the well-being is impossible without the use of resources, but it is worth considering, and that oil and gas may run out within a few decades.The environmental problems of the world affect everyone, not remain indifferent!