Removal of pulp papers

Recycling paper produces products which are not inferior in quality made of cellulose.Today, the question of where to deliver waste paper, almost not worth it.Typing in a search engine "waste paper in Moscow," we were struck by the abundance of companies that provide this service.In every town there are points on the Admission of secondary raw materials.The ability to use such materials to save money and improve the environment contributes to the creation of many companies that deal with waste paper.

Today the collection and delivery of secondary raw materials - a rather profitable occupation.Companies pay a lot of money, and even a lack of these materials, unequivocally, no.Many companies simply crammed old papers: here and archival documentation, and packaging materials, and a variety of magazines, which are outdated.In addition, commercial enterprises, supermarkets accumulate a huge amount of cardboard packaging, which can also bring a very real profit.

Companies that collect recyclable material

s, organize and export its waste paper transport.Therefore, the management of the company will not have to spend money on a rental car is up to you - just call the company, specify the number of raw materials, which should be removed and arrange a time.Everything else is done by professionals.These companies have a sufficient number of different brands of cars, experienced porters, so that the export of waste paper does not take much of your time.But, as a result of such an operation, you will get a lot of money and peeled warehouses.

For the export of waste paper and high-value documents, companies offer their destruction, causing you to get your hands on the act.The only requirement for you - the right to issue an inventory of all archived documents.

All items are waste paper in Moscow impose certain requirements for recyclable materials - paper and humidity degree of contamination.In addition, all waste paper is divided into three main groups.Group A - it's waste of white paper, except newsprint, waste packaging and insulating paper and bags of paper for packaging.The group B is referred printing products: books, magazines, brochures: and cardboard of all types.And Group B includes newspapers, castings, waste cardboard with impregnation and so on.

Collection and delivery of old newspapers, magazines, cardboard, brings huge savings in natural resources.Thus, in the production of recycled paper products to each tonne can store seventeen tree height of about 15 m, 120 kg of sulfur, 150 - limestone 600 cubic meters.water and 450 cubic meters.steam.If you use old newspapers to issue new, we get more than 50 percent energy savings.Also, when using old paper for recycling is reduced by 95 percent pollution.