Emergencies and Classification of

every day, browsing the Internet or videos including news on any channel, we are faced with the terrible facts that say that every minute all over the world is the most incredible events that often lead to human death.However, what we know about emergencies?How are they classified?Try to understand.

Emergency - an event that occurred in a certain area, as a result of disasters, natural or natural phenomena, accidents or other disasters, which entail material and natural damage, loss of life and the violation of human activity.Below is discussed in detail their types.

Emergencies (emergency) provisionally classified into several categories.First of all they have a conflict and non-conflict character.The latter include environmental and natural phenomena and man-made disasters.Conflict situations is conventionally referred to social upheavals, military conflicts, terrorist acts, action and rampant crime, religious and ethnic conflicts, economic crises, and others.

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mergencies are divided into slow and moderately spreading rapidly and suddenly arisen.For example, the sudden nature of the emergency can be considered as terrorist acts, and to slowly developing, the duration of which lasted for many months and years, is attributed, such as, for example, human activities in the area of ​​the Aral Sea.

As the prevalence of emergencies are local, and the local, regional and federal level, territorial and cross-border.The main differences in this category are characterized by the number of victims, the magnitude of the material damage and the measure of violation of life for the living organisms.Refer to the local situation, victims are no more than 10 people, and the zone events should not go beyond the territory of the object of social or production value.

Local emergencies are characterized by the number of victims over 10, but not more than 50 people, or violation of the conditions for dwelling for not less than 100 but not more than 300 people.This incident should not go outside the village.

Regional Emergency mean number of victims is not more than 500 persons, or a violation of conditions of life for the same number of people.The scale of its spread must not overstep the bounds of the state.

transboundary or global emergencies are situations in which the scale and size of damage are far beyond one state and can have dire consequences for the entire planet.

It should be noted that emergencies can be created artificially and naturally.In other words, they may be due to human activities or natural phenomena dictated emerged.

There are also the so-called emergency wartime.The meaning of this type of disaster is the armed conflicts between a number of countries, attacks on the city, the use of weapons of mass destruction, capture individual objects and strategically important points.

in the history of mankind has never been stability in this regard.Only in the last 20 years the world has seen up to 40 major armed conflicts and tens of thousands of small military disaster.Obvious examples of such events in the XX century are the following: First and Second World War, the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the war in Afghanistan, the uprising in Hungary, the Cuban missile crisis, the Gulf War and many other conflicts militarily.

History tells us that in the hostilities killed and suffers the most is the civilian population, and the worse it becomes a weapon, the more victims is later.Thus, mankind needs to make any conclusions, but we often neglect it, leaving themselves and suffer.