Radioactive contamination: truth and fiction

Radiation today - is not only interesting and relatively new phenomenon for science.It is known that under certain conditions the radioactive radiation is a deadly threat to all living things.It is not just a matter of deep tissue damage, but it can influence the genetic code of plants and animals.Subsequently, it can manifest itself in the form of irreversible mutations in future generations.Even at relatively low doses of radiation in the body begin to occur disruptive change.Very often, as a result of the effects of radiation on the body of people develop cancer.

That's why the contamination is such an important issue.The concentration, which will be critical for the mouse, of course, different from the one that hurt the man.However, the currently existing sources of contamination can at one moment to throw a huge amount of radiation that is not saved nor those of any other.Most of these sources, contrary to popular belief, are of natural origin.For example, nuclear power plants, which are often to

ld on television and in the press, in fact, are much less of a threat biosphere than we used to think.

Where does contamination

most familiar, everyday activities of human society produces far more harmful radiation than any nuclear power plant.It's hard to believe, because for a long time, we are told a completely different attitude.In many ways, modern ideas were formed due to an accident on the infamous Chernobyl nuclear power plant.Despite this stereotype, scientists recognize that statistically men for their lives are getting more exposure from consumer usually does not raise any problems, activities.This could be considered, such as a standard trip to the radiologist.

use of air transport, has long become familiar to us, such as a serious source of radiation, as well as others.It is important to mention the risk of finding permanent premises sealed.It has been proven that too good insulation over time, provokes an increase of the natural radiation level.And it was so, and passes much of modern life, in homes and offices.This is followed by a "innocent" at first glance, the process as burning coal.And you can safely move to the top ranks of the radiation intensity.

Radioactive contamination of the biosphere

Radiation nobody invented, people are only able to detect its existence, and it recently, slightly more than a hundred years ago.But you can truthfully say that this radiation is present on our planet (and not just in it, the Sun - a powerful source of radiation) almost from the moment of her birth.Thanks to what it may seem that the contamination - not a problem, and its threat to the environment is greatly exaggerated.But it is not.The fact that anyone, not even too much excess natural concentration of radioactive substances on the planet disrupts the normal functioning of the biosphere.Long-term effect of this - another unpleasant factor to be reckoned with.

consider the most serious sources of contamination that exist at the moment:

In first place is the extraction and subsequent processing of uranium ore.And the greatest danger is not the process itself, but in the end the remaining waste.As a rule, radionuclides - substances which have a very long half-life.The mining industry is also a significant risk.The mines, which contains uranium, itself a local zone of radioactive contamination, which, thanks to the wind (he moves the radioactive dust) may extend far beyond them.

Another source is coal.As everyone knows from school course, this mineral resource formed the beginning of a long time, from prehistoric plants.Over a long period of formation of a layer of the earth's rocks coal manages to endure a lot of metamorphosis, which resulted eventually becomes a major source of radiation.

list followed by thermal and nuclear power plants.The first use for its functioning coal, the second action based on uranium.And then, and more, as it turned out, it carries a significant threat.Also as a result of nuclear radioactive waste, solid and liquid, which must be disposed.This procedure shall not be anything good nature, especially that contaminated water often falls into the sea and lakes.A similar danger is posed by the testing of nuclear weapons and war with its use, as well as peaceful, but the irresponsible use of nuclear technology.