To give birth to a child in a dream - what is it?

Dream - a kind of movie that many of us face every night.That's only in the movies everything is always clear, there is a certain storyline, colorful characters, can not be said about dreams.In his dreams, we see many things, that's just not always understand the meaning of the idea, the plan writer.For example, I had to give birth to a child in a dream.What does that mean, especially when in reality we do not even think?Well, if you saw a dream woman.It is natural.What if in a dream to give birth to a child was forced to man?Let's answer these questions with the help of the most well-known and reliable sources.

as interpreted by General dream interpretation?

give birth to a child in a dream - to important changes in the life of the dreamer.You can easily get rid of all the problems, concerns, difficulties will be able to solve the problem that you do not give rest lately.And the dream proceeded painless childbirth, the faster to implement all of the above.What if it was necessary to give the baby

a life in torment?In this case, the outcome is important dreams.If the child still came to light, and all over the whole successfully, then getting rid of the difficulties you will and reality, although it does not turn out very easily.

Erotic dream book.To give birth to a child in a dream - what is it?

If a man had a dream, like a woman giving birth, it promises him awake profit, prosperity, good purchase.And everything is so easily and unexpectedly, that it is even difficult to believe at once.If a man sees in a dream as he gives birth, he will have to make considerable efforts to achieve this goal.He will have to work a lot, but the main thing - hope for good, and then all must come out.To give birth to a child in a dream for a woman - or a material profit or for upcoming diseases of the genitourinary system or the gastrointestinal tract.This vision for a girl means a quick marriage, happiness and prosperity in the family.

What dream book tells of the XXI century?

When childbirth dream woman is a sign that she should be proud of their children, to have a happy home.What if've seen the birth of several babies?What is in this case the meaning of the dream?Have a baby, but not one - to complete happiness, prosperity and success in all endeavors.Taking birth in a dream - a wedding, a pleasant surprise.

What says about Wang?

Childbirth in a dream - a sign associated with the solution of problems, with significant changes in their lives.You get rid of the oppressive burden you.Painful childbirth with favorable outcome - the difficulties in achieving the goal.However, all will end well.If you have given birth to the child in his sleep quickly and easily, and then relieved, then you will easily be able to shift all your worries and problems on someone else's shoulders.

interpretation of other dream-books

Compilers Dream Miller sure to have a beautiful and healthy baby - for the good and welfare.You just fall down on the health, happiness, good luck.Give your child a life, according to Tsvetkov Dream Book - the wedding for unmarried girls, and for the already married - to the great joy.By the way, it is very useful to take birth in a dream.You will receive good news or an unexpected material reward.