Tips for beginners: how man draws attention of the opposite sex

you ever noticed that some guys and intelligent, and beautiful, and even with some material goods, but in his personal life he does not carry.Like and want to meet someone, maybe start a family, but on a romantic stroll in the moonlight is not going down.

Secrets seduction of the opposite sex

Think like a guy draws attention to the person when he is not indifferent to the girl?Well, if the mirror is looking at you from the cover of a model of a glossy magazine, or in a purse daily crunch large bills, and there does not need to involve themselves to be followed to run.And what about the young man, in whose pocket the salary of a young specialist (at best), and the exterior has its drawbacks?You can certainly find a "gray mouse" with the glasses on the floor, face and zashugannyh eyes but pulls exactly a socialite in short mini-skirts or plunging neckline.If you know a little psychology of women, the issue of "the guy attracts attention" is not there.

First of all, do not be afraid to act.If you

do not take the first steps, the love of your life can go to another, and you'll be well imagined.Not the fact that the first time you're lucky, she may simply refuse, citing a busy schedule.But this does not mean that you should give up and go to the monastery.It did not happen in the first, second, third?Be sure to turn on the fourth!All women are different and men's attentions at all also act differently.Do not be afraid to be romantic, biker, rapper, any way you must come out.I do not like to play the role of a stranger?Be yourself, and you're sure to find one that agrees to accept the wedding ring and give birth to your children.

Global Problem male half

to raise a son, to build a house, you must first acquire a wife.How to find the one and only if almost all of a female looking at you as a colleague or a friend?As a guy attracted the girl's attention, especially the one that caught my eye, demeanor or phrase?

draw attention a little, it is necessary to put the main goal - to fall in love with it in itself, and it is better to marry her.The options that will make an excellent half of humanity do not sleep at night and think of you, a great number, but not all are equally perceived object sighs.

Tips for Beginners

If everyone knew the guy attracts attention, the girls would have long ruled the ball, and the men would come up with new ways and tricks.First of all, the result (a negative - it is also the result) will affect:

  • character of the young (or not so young) person;
  • her mood at the time of your acquaintance or conversation;
  • place;
  • time;
  • your opportunities.

If you have "suspended" the language and know a huge number of funny stories and anecdotes, he will surely hook that 70 percent of women, the remaining 30 per cent of "clowns" are annoying.I have an analytical mind and a vast amount of knowledge is also paying off in search of the half.Ironically, some of the girls, "peck" on good repair in an apartment or an expensive car, but do not specify your machine is, or you have to drive it from a friend.It is also noted that few women can resist the pleasant aroma of eau de toilette.She, like pheromones, attracts you to a magnet.Here and goes without saying, the guy attracts attention.Eau de toilette will be useless if you neglect a bath or shower, and do not watch her clothes.Any guy attracts attention.It is only necessary to decide in what his secret of seduction.

rules that must be remember

  1. If you are unable to several attempts to achieve the object of his sighs, then forget about this girl, she is not for you!
  2. Each individual woman.You can not select a general manner of courtship, as it all depends on the nature of the ladies.
  3. If "jump higher than his head," you can get any girl, but not all want to be with you until the end of his days.
  4. Not every goal is able to justify itself.Try to always think a cool head and a warm heart is not.

do better than talk

All we can talk a lot, but the words could save only the first two or three dates, then the need to act.Surely you have to do what you do best.Accentuate the positive characteristics of its appeal.Just do not list them as a dictionary, all the better to demonstrate in practice.

Even if you want to see her madly in my bed, try to delay that moment to the last.Be a little romantic, intelligent, with good humor and visionary.Dip it in childhood, let her stay a little girl again, which feels sturdy and reliable protection of man's hands.

man should be able to do certain things.If you can not repair the wall outlet and hammer nails into the wall, then go and learn, and not think about how to take over its location.To learn how to attract the attention of a guy, you must first decide, and he really - the guy.Only a true gentleman attract the girl's attention is not difficult, the others will learn from their mistakes.